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Problem with subtitles on one client


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I have a strange problem or a big hole in my knowledge.


I use Emby and now have it installed on two Samsung smart-tv D-series and 1 F-series. I also use it as mediabrowser plugin on a htpc and 


Emby Theater on a laptop.


Subtitles works on the D-series and on the Emby for WMC but not on the F-series or on Emby standalone.  For same reason Emby recently stopped working on the F-series (I think Emby server changed ip-adress so i removed and istalled Emby again but subtitles in mkv:s or external .srt dont work any more.


When i first installed Emby on the F-series I had problem to get subtitles to show until I found out I needed to press tools and select transcoding for the subtitles to work. In the fresh installed version of Emby when i press tools, I can´t select transcoding anymore. I only have the options subtitles, chapters and postition. 


I then downloaded and installed Emby on the E-series to figure out where the problem and found out that it works on both of them out of the box.


Does anybody have an idea on what might be the cause? Most urgent is to get it working on the F-series but I wouldn't mind getting it working on the Emby Theater client as well since I am considering moving från WMC to emby all together :-)


My conclusion is that since it works on the D-series and the HTPC there must be a client setting that need to be adjusted. However I can´t find a setting that might do the trick.


I dont know which the previous version of Emby I used but I installed it around May this year but the version I use on the tv:s is 0.590.

The server is up to date with latest version


The HTPC is Windows 7 and the laptop runs Windows 10.


Logs and info from the F-series is below. 


Thanks for your input :-)




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