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Media info of Media Stubs


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I added a media stub to the library, together with a .nfo previously generated by Kodi:





Emby reads properly some information from the .nfo, but, it does not take the video and audio stream details:


Then, the Media Infor section in Emby has only the container type and the patch to the stub.

Media Info
Container disc
Path G:\xxxxxx\Grindhouse (2007)\Grindhouse.2007.720p.BluRay.x264.disc

Is it normal?


I expected that all the video and audio details in the .nfo would be used and displayed in Emby, like it already happens with stubs in Kodi.


This information, although it is really a stub, is quite useful for the user, to be able to know exactly what there is in the library and has complete reports, statistics, movie web page, etc.




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