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IOS Safari doesn't always display correct images


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The web client on IOS Safari is not displaying images correctly on my devices.  The images are often wrong:  I'll get a picture of an actor on a movie entry, or no picture at all.  I've even seen my login icon displayed.  If I tap on an item, the metadata is correct, but the images are all messed up.  No backdrops show, even if I change the Setting value to Yes instead of Auto.  The image of the poster may or may not be there; if it is, it may or may not be correct.


My library looks fine on Chrome for IOS, and on any browser on my Desktop; it's just Safari.  I don't mind using Chrome, but I'd like to use a home screen icon for Emby, and they only open in Safari.  This happens on both iPhones and iPads.  I've tried clearing out the cookies and history but it hasn't helped.  I happens in any format: List, Thumb, Poster .


I've attached 2 screen snaps.  One is of an expanded movie page for the "Catch Me If You Can" that shows no backdrop images and the poster is for Aviator.  I'm pretty sure the fact that both movies have the same star is just coincidence.  In List View, that item showed the image for Cold Mountain.


The other snap is of the List view showing, among other mixups, Reese Witherspoon on the Harry Potter collection.  The images for Gathering Storm and Gentleman's Agreement are also wrong.  However, if I tap on them, the images are correct, including backdrops!




I realize this is probably errors with Safari, but I'd be happy to hear any suggestions. 

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the app is just too graphics-heavy for safari and needs to be toned down. when ios memory limits start getting reached, this kind of thing happens.


Please search the forum for similar topics and comment there.

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