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Change of Photo Treatment in Folder View (No Style activated)


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First I want to Introduce my base







Atm there are two ways of showing photo folders:

1. With Style 

2. Without Style (same as folder view)


When Style is activated for a photo folder, it looks like this:



As you can see, there are is no underline text which describes the photo or folder name, in this case the different months. In further versions it seems the folder name was written by Imagemagick into the picture, but for some reason this is gone. Additionally, all photos from the subfolders get replicated to the top level, as you can see.


When clicking on a photo, you get a popup of a large photo version like this, which is very nice:



In opposite, the same view with Style disabled looks like this:



As you can see, this is much more overseeable in my opinion. So I would like to keep the Syle option disabled.


But now to my problem. When I click on a photo with Style disabled, it looks like a TV Series episode details page with no possibility to enlarge the small photo:



Request for Webview, Android (perhaps another platforms I cannot test are affected):


Is it possible to have a large photo popup instead of a TV Episode Details Screen when the Style option for a photo folder is disabled.


If that's not possible, please disable the photo replicates to the top folder level and activate a folder/photo name line under the pics when the Style option is enabled.

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@megamacs Update to 3.0.5713.4 Beta. Everything above seems to be fixed.


1. No duplicates of Photos in the folder level above

2. In every folder level, the Photo/Backdrop change via 3dot Menu is possible 


You can enable enhanced Style in User settings for Photos. To have also the Photo names under the Pic, change the view from Poster to Backdrop.



Don't know if it was changed in the latest beta, but well done @@Luke @@ebr :D Decision to abandon Plex totally yesterday was the right one.

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