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Found 3 results

  1. Hi; if i could ask why do we need emby to be a player as well as I see this being more of a server app for users of Kodi,MediaCenter, etc. While I know this function just sits in the back a way to turn that off in later build would be nice. Next I notice not all folders show up in emby that I created for media I'd like to have photo storage and serving from it but this folder while empty now will be filled. I created it in emby server but it does not show up in kodi /photo/upnp (is this why folder path renaming is an option?). Also movies folder is showing when i add tv shows to tv option i would like for this not to happen if anyone has a way to do this please write back. I may be being a bit of a pest here with this as i'm so use to kodi way of seeing my media and would like it that way if i go to music before i use to see this: folders david joe misc music(odds and ends media files) same for movies and tv i find this very easy to get use too. now i know emby adds the options to list by other factors and it is nice but that should be an internal sorting aided by meta data addons added by media taging and the gui, and the option to see your media by folder should be presented as well by default. I'm sorry if this sounds like i'm griping against the programs design choices but i'm not . I understand that maybe this is better for android based players etc. An as with all opensource apps choice it the core part of the games. but once again choice can be a hampering as well as a gift. look at all the distros that die and spring up to do the same thing . why rewrite the whole wheel when you can just add that option to a base feature. K.I.S.S is still a design rule of thumb if all of us worked this way maybe we would have more of a base that not only offered choice freedom etc but also offered a platform that was easy to release once run everywhere. I have simple needs as a user : it has to be easy to install why i choose deb distro after doing the distro hop for years. I have to want to learn your app as it fills a void i don't have in the base function of my apps of choice. I need it to be light on my system if it can be done. Emby fills most of this as does Kodi,Mint etc these are my choices you choose yours cause it fits you. While we all would love the speed of a source base distro as of yet we choose what we choose and go from there. I would love a base that works like mint and builds like arch based but as yet not here for me. sorry for the rant maybe it's cause I love to review stuff who knows .
  2. First I want to Introduce my base Photos ---Year ------Month ---------Photo.jpg Atm there are two ways of showing photo folders: 1. With Style 2. Without Style (same as folder view) When Style is activated for a photo folder, it looks like this: As you can see, there are is no underline text which describes the photo or folder name, in this case the different months. In further versions it seems the folder name was written by Imagemagick into the picture, but for some reason this is gone. Additionally, all photos from the subfolders get replicated to the top level, as you can see. When clicking on a photo, you get a popup of a large photo version like this, which is very nice: In opposite, the same view with Style disabled looks like this: As you can see, this is much more overseeable in my opinion. So I would like to keep the Syle option disabled. But now to my problem. When I click on a photo with Style disabled, it looks like a TV Series episode details page with no possibility to enlarge the small photo: Request for Webview, Android (perhaps another platforms I cannot test are affected): Is it possible to have a large photo popup instead of a TV Episode Details Screen when the Style option for a photo folder is disabled. If that's not possible, please disable the photo replicates to the top folder level and activate a folder/photo name line under the pics when the Style option is enabled.
  3. hedgehogg

    Looking for Boxset Folders

    Hi all Been using the below style for Boxset folders BUT can't for the life of me remember the authers name or find the thread any help appreciated.
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