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Movies not displaying/showing


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I have a windows 8 MB3 installation.  I have a very large movie collection, near 1000 movies.  Up and until a few days ago this displayed all my movies in the folder just fine.  Now today when I go through the different media library folders, all content displays but my movies.  It shows the count as 0/0.  However there are definitely movies in that directory and I can play them via windows explorer, and GOM media player.  Also if I go through the Web Interface to the movie folder, it shows all of my movies.


I have since uninstalled and reinstalled MB3 but still having the same issue.  No movies.  The path is correct.   Does anyone have an idea of what is going on?


I am on version 3.0.5076.20161 as of 11/26/13.


I am attaching a paste of my latest log files.


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no idea what client you're referring to. you should post this in the section for the app you're using and not the general area.

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