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Create profile for a Sony SMP-N100


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I've been trying desperately to create a profile for the Sony SMP-N100


Now, I've got it to recognize the player, and the logs tell me that is is ASSIGNING my newly created profile.  However, what to put IN the profile is a bit of a mystery.


Any expert advice would be much appreciated.




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Direct-play video with DLNA on that device is only possible with avi/divx/xvid/mpeg/m2ts, it will need to transcode mp4/mkv. Over USB supports mkv/mp4/wmv. You should be able to figure it out, hopefully your library is overwhelmingly avi's or it is transcode city. :)


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The latest beta of Emby Server, 3.1.125, has numerous fixes for Sony Blu ray players from years 2013-2016. The changes will also be in the next stable release of Emby Server. Since I have a device for testing I am now able to test it fully and with the changes I've made everything is now playing perfectly.

It's possible that some of these improvements can be applied to older players or sony bravia tv's, but I do not have those devices available to test with, so for that I'll need to rely on community help. Enjoy.

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