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Setting up a Harmony Remote


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I am in the process of setting up my Harmony Ultimate Remote to control WMC & Emby.


It was not obvious to setup from Logitech software so I did some research and found a post from Logitech after they had kindly added the function to the remote and software.


Here is the instructions if you need them.


Device type: Computer -> Media Center PC

Manufacturer: Microsoft

Model: Windows Media Center SE


I want to thank “Bevhoward” for sending us his Windows Media Center keyboard.  !!KUDOS!!


I would also like to thank my colleague Cristian for creating the IR language and for adding the new device to our database.


The Media Center keyboard allowed us to capture the IR codes used to send hotkeys such as “Alt+F4” to close an application directly and “Win+D” to “minimize all” to the desktop.  We also captured the mouse commands and an FAQ will follow with button mapping suggestions for the mouse control.


Below is a list of the newly added commands/hotkeys:


(Please note that these commands may not work on all Media Center IR receivers; the commands have been tested and confirmed working with the original Microsoft IR Receiver)



This forum thread is not for MCE users using Imon, Linux or other third party applications and/or IR receivers that do not use the Microsoft IR protocol.



Win + - (plus or minus key) Zoom in or out.



Win+Up: Maximize

Win+Down: Restore / Minimize

Win+Left: Snap to left

Win+Right: Snap to right

Win+Home: Minimize / Restore all other windows

Win+T: Focus the first taskbar entry

Win+F: Open Windows search

Win+E: Open Windows Explorer

Win+Space: Peek at the desktop

Win+G: Bring gadgets to the top of the Z-order

Win+P: External display options (mirror, extend desktop, etc)

Win+M:  Minimize all open windows

Win+1 / Win+2 / Win+3 etc (Hotkeys for programs added to the Quicklaunch)

Win+M: Minimize all open windows

Win+Tab: Flip 3D

Win+Shift+M: Undo all window minimization

Win+Home: Minimize all but the current window

Win + L: Lock the computer

Win + R: Open ‘Run’ command


Alt+1 / Alt+2  Alt+3 etc (Hotkeys for Video card display settings)

Alt+Esc: Cycle through all open windows

Alt+Tab: Switch to previous active window

Alt+Enter: Display properties for the selected item

Alt+Space: Pop up window menu

Alt+F4: Shutdown current window



Ctrl+A: Select all items in a document or window

Ctrl+C:  Copy the selected item

Ctrl+X: Cut the selected item

Ctrl+V: Paste the selected item

Ctrl+Z: Undo an action

Ctrl+W Closes the tabs for most web browsers

Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Left Navigation through the web browser tabs

Ctrl+Tab: Right Navigation though the web browser tabs

Ctrl+ESC: Opens the Start menu

Shift+Del: Permently deletes an item and bypasses the recycle bin

Shift+F10: Opens Shortcut Menu


(Some hotkeys are specifically designed for Windows 7 and may not work on other operating systems)

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