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trakt.tv sync - how to check if it is working


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I installed trakt plugin and entered login data for the emby user I'm using. But when I browse through the TVShows I don't see any of the watched flags although they are set on trakt.tv site. I don't get any errors in the notices and when I try to add trigger for a scheduled task

nothing happens and the dialog with the settings does not close (see the attached screenshot).


How can I check if Emby server indeed connects to the trakt.tv site and if starts to sync data?



P.S. I noticed in the dev console (Google Chrome browser) this error message:

An invalid form control with name='txtTimeOfDay' is not focusable.


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try just running the task manually.


I tried. It didn't work in Google Chrome (maybe some of mine GC extensions is messing things up).

I succeeded in adding a trigger using Firefox and manual sync actually worked, also (I see watched flags set on right episodes).

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Is it possible to ping Trakt servers with real time updates? The Trakt plugin for Kodi does that (and asks for a vote at the end). 
It should at least update the watch status when I finish watching an episode.

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Trakt API being a bit unstable from time to time, realtime updates (or an update queue) is something that I would love to see. Lately I haven't had any missed scrobbles, but at times I need to manually update trakt.


Oh, and I noticed that when playing episodes through Kodi, Trakt gets notified twice about some watches. I haven't noticed this with other clients, but I might be mistaken..

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