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Sync - things I'd love to have


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1. A profile setting sort of like DLNA or just simply a way to set the sync options to a certain default.  This way I wouldn't have to select all the options from the slide in screen every time.  I like to sync each TV show separately and this would make things easier.  So when I would want to sync a show I would click sync button, pop up message would show asking to use default settings, click yes and that's it.

       Could there be a way the videos in the queue could be matched against the profile to see if they need to be converted or not?  I'm not sure if sync already does this.


2. Show the tv show title along with episode title in list of queued items.


3. Along with the "only sync unwatched" and "only sync x amount of items", it would be great to have an option of "only sync items added after".  Just getting started with sync takes a long time to go through and convert all the shows.  So maybe I would just want to start from a certain point and only sync from that point on.


4. On some screens, such as shows, you would click the sync button and an option would come up to "sync all" or "select shows (or episodes)".  If you choose to select shows you could check every show you wanted to include in that sync.  This way you bypass filling out the sync media slide in for every show separately.

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