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Save EMBY Connect ID and Password in app? Twice?


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Upon launching the EMBY Android app, after about 30 seconds I get a list of servers attached to my EMBY Connect account.  However, when I click on one of them to connect I'm taken to a user screen which contains EMBY user accounts not connected using EMBY Connect.  If I go back to my server list, I scroll to the bottom I'm asked to "Sign in with Emby Connect".  Just a guess but it appears my EMBY Connect ID is being used in order to display the servers connected to the account but it needs to be entered again to use it to connect to one of the servers?  Is the server list "cached" from a prior log in?  Also, maybe I missed this somewhere but in the new EMBY android app is there an option to save the EMBY Connect ID and/or Password?   I logged into the EMBY Android app yesterday using EMBY Connect, however, after closing the app it is again giving me my server list upon first launch but I need to scroll down to the bottom and re-enter my EMBY Connect ID and Password.  Then upon entering the EMBY Connect ID and password I am returned back to my list of servers, where upon I select the same server and now I'm taken to my list of media, obviously bypassing the "select user" screen.


Is normal behavior?  I think an "easy" resolution would be to allow the user to select the option allow the app to save their EMBY Connect ID and/or Password which the app checks for first prior to bringing up a list of servers.  If the EMBY Connect ID and password are stored then when the user selects a server to connect it launches them into their user profile on EMBY.


If I'm doing something unusual, please let me know what I should be doing instead.  Thanks!

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