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The anime plugin adds additional TV show metadata providers for anime series. Data is currently provided by AniDB and AniList.


Features include:

  • Choose between localized, Japanese, or romaji titles for series and episodes.
  • More extensive cast lists, including additional roles such as character designer and composer.
  • Additional anime-specific genres, such as "Mecha" and "Slice of Life".
  • Supports organizing sequels as either additional seasons (the default Emby behaviour), or as independent series.

Organizing your Media


There are two organization standards supported by the plugin: AniDB or TheTVDB. In both cases, Emby will be capable of fetching metadata from all sources, however the TVDB format is recommended due to limitations in Emby's file parsing schemes for special episodes with absolute episode numbers. You can mix organization formats between different series.


It is important that your episode numbers match however they appear on TheTVDB or AniDB, respectively, depending on which structure you are using.




TheTVDB typically organises each related anime into its own season under a top-level series group. For example, the Monogatari franchise, Bakemonogatari and its sequels (Nisemonogatari, Bakemonogatari: Second Season, and Owarimonogatari) are each represented as seasons 1 to 4 of "Bakemonogatari":


Use this format if you want to group related series together as "seasons".

  Season 1/
    Bakemonogatari s01e01.mkv
    Bakemonogatari s01e02.mkv
  Season 2/
    Nisemonogatari s02e01.mkv
    Nisemonogatari s02e02.mkv
  Season 3/
    Bakemonogatari Second Season s03e01.mkv
    Bakemonogatari Second Season s03e02.mkv
  Season 4/
    Owarimonogatari s04e01.mkv
    Owarimonogatari s04e02.mkv



AniDB represents each sequel as its own anime series, with no seasons. To organize your media by AniDB format, use absolute episodes without season folders.


Use this format if you want each anime to appear as its own series.

  Bakemonogatari ep01.mkv
  Bakemonogatari ep02.mkv
  Nisemonogatari ep01.mkv
  Nisemonogatari ep02.mkv
Bakemonogatari Second Season/
  Bakemonogatari Second Season ep01.mkv
  Bakemonogatari Second Season ep02.mkv
  Owarimonogatari ep01.mkv
  Owarimonogatari ep02.mkv
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Change Log



  • Significantly improved series recognition and bi-directional conversion between AniDB and TheTVDB
  • Updated AniList metadata collection to retrieve data via JSON API
  • Support series search via AniList

Update: Update pulled for now. In between developing the plugin and publishing, Luke published a new version of the server which apparently broke everything. The source code for that release of the server doesn't compile, so I cannot test (thanks, Frody).

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