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Question about app status


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I paid for this app about a year ago. it looked like a worthwhile addition so i ponied up as i have done for alot of the various parts (subscriber,paid apps & paid for themes etc) but this is brutal. I have to say it's dire (sorry) ...looks good and launches a video but that's it.The "remote" part is so poorly implemented it has never worked fully ...ever.

In it's current form it is worth €0 not 4 or 5 quid mate.


volume rocker doesnt work anymore

play would work once that's it ...no pause.

FF/REW never worked 

Skip FWD never worked

slider never worked (if it was supposed to)

No resume etc

Mute on off does work.


Any idea when we can expect a fully working version that was paid for?


Lumia user on a 520 all updates as far as & including denim (phone is fine)(pc is fine updated y'day)


Sorry bout being harsh but if you are going to charge at least make sure it is a working item. :rolleyes: No problem paying for stuff that works!

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The remote control side of it will be fixed by a server side change coming soon.


Resume exists, it's in the app bar menu items


FF/REW - remote or video playback on device?


Skip forward - this broke, apologies, it will be fixed in the next update, same goes for the slider


Can I be a little harsh myself? :) If you've had these problems for such a long time, why has it taken so long to raise them?

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1) Glad to hear the server will contain the fixes needed for a working app!


2) Resume doesn't exist (the way i'm thinking)  if i stop a video (in MBC), and then went to replay/continue said video via phone ( using phone as a remote) on MBC  The video starts from scratch instead of where it left off in client (tested 14:28 15/05/15)

3) FF / REW remote (to FF a video playing in MBC or MBT) (When i talk of this MB phone app it is only as a remote, I never use it to play files on phone screen i should have stated, apologies)


4) Skip & slider etc this refers to my question on the broken functions already.


5) I mistakenly thought A- An app you are charging people for would work!? 

                                      B- You're already aware of some issues & would have gotten it sorted in a subsequent release

                                        C- Wasting your time on asking any of the above before now would result in an answer much like the one you gave.


Answered as above, Feel free to choose whichever answer suites for p4 (ps) hope they're not too harsh for ya  :mellow:

Not asking for miracles on this, just what I & others paid for, a working app.



(edits: tiding up)

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1) Please bear in mind when you keep saying "a working app," the bug for this is *not* in the app, the app works (when the server lets it, and yes, we're trying to figure out why the server is stopping it).


2) Regarding this, you're saying you'd like the ability to "resume on" not just "play on". That sounds fair. I've raised an issue for it https://github.com/MediaBrowser/MediaBrowser.WindowsPhone/issues/230 and I'll make sure it's in the next release.


3) Confirmed, but raised https://github.com/MediaBrowser/MediaBrowser.WindowsPhone/issues/231


5) If you find a problem with the app, raise it here. If I already know about it, it will put you at ease that it's in hand. If I don't know about it, I'll raise a bug and see that it gets fixed. If you don't raise it, then there's a chance I won't already know about it, and the bug goes on not getting fixed. For example, no-one told me about point 3) and this is something that probably could have been fixed a couple of releases ago, but if we're not told, things get missed. I guess what I'm trying to say is: If you find a problem with the app, raise it here. You will never be wasting anyone's time by doing so.

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