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Server: Parental Control, block content WITHOUT tag or Autotag new additions feature


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I love Emby and this plugin and I'm using it heavily.


In my current setup I have the server running in my living room and kodi running on the same machine with a main user, in my bedroom I'm running openelec with this same main user connected and that is just fine and working perfectly. 

However for the setup in my kids room I want to use another account with some parental restrictions on it. I started off by setting up an account with some ratings restrictions. That get me part of the way but it always ends up giving me either more or less than I would like to be availiable. The only option I see is to set a rating that give more than I would like and block the rest by adding tags to them and blocking them under the parental setting.


Now for my problem.


In my setup I have new releases automatically downloading and populated in Emby, that means that any new movie that falls under the set rating but is one that I would like to block will be availiable to my kid until I go to set the tag on it to get it blocked.


I would like to have a feature that works the opposite way of this block tags feature. For me it would be much better with a function that lets me block all movies that NOT have a specifc tag, an alternative would be that I have the option to automatically add one or more tags to all new movies, that Emby pick up, that I later on can remove if I want to.


Thank you for your great work btw, you guys (and gals?) are awesome!

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Logically, not everything will have proper metadata for rating when scraping. You need to give the admin a chance to change the rating before apps can display content for user restriction. This would prevent inappropriate content from appearing in the first place. At least give this option - do not display unless it has x tag. :)

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