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movie.xml being overwritten with 0kb files.


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Windows Emby Server version: Version 3.0.5607.0
After doing a report on movies with 'Missing Overview' - I have noticed a lot of movies that previously had complete metadata, are now unidentified.
Double checked the filesystem and have discovered hundreds of movies now with 0kb movie.xml files.
Since manually running 'Identify' on the affected media, some are saving, however a lot are not.
In the server log I am noticing a lot of errors like below:
2015-05-09 13:04:32.8221 Error - App: Error in Emby Xml
*** Error Report ***
Version: 3.0.5597.1
Root element is missing.

Server log is here

Any ideas on why this is happening would be fantastic, TIA
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i think i noticed the same a few months ago.....i searched for movie.xml and deleted all movie.xml smaller than a normal amount of bytes.


better yet..now movie.nfo is the preffered..migrate over to this writeer and delete your xmls...

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