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Roku Streaming Stick Remote Control Issues....


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Just a heads up I bought a Roku streaming stick a few months ago... (to replace my XBOX One for streaming to my EMBY server)


It works pretty darn well, but from the beginning the remote would randomly stop working.  Had to take the batteries out and put them back in.  Then it would work again.  After a few months of this I finally went on-line to chat with Roku customer support.  Asked them if they have had any calls regarding the remote...  His response was surprising...  "Actually that is the usual concern or problem of customers that are using the Roku stick".  Huh?  Really? 


Amazingly enough they have a software update out that might fix this issue.  I updated mine and have not had an issue since then.  Strange thing is I had to go into a hidden menu in the roku and install it manually...  They didn't tell me it was a secret so here you go.......


press these buttons using your Roku remote

Home x5 , FF, PLAY, REW, PLAY, FF


Select the Wifi remote OTA

Select v34


(at this point I believe it installs the v34 software)


Then press these buttons on the remote

Home 5x,Fast Forward 3X, Rew 2X


Now select update software


(my version was 096.02E0336a and it wanted to install the SAME version number as I already had.  That's what he wanted me to do and that's what I did)


The Roku stick will reboot and that finishes the update.


I went thru those menus pretty quick and will go back to see what was all in there.  I know I saw some strength meters and a bunch of other stuff.    Said IF that did not fix my remote issue to try a different wireless channel on my WIFI (interference with the remote).


THIS IS JUST A FYI POST.  I am pretty certain that this information is not in anyway breaking the EMBY code of conduct!




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Thanks for the heads up. I had a similar problem that turned out a be related to the wifi channel. Apparently the stick is really picky about the channel (channel width seemed to further complicate things). I've got it on channel 36 with 40 Mhz channel width (lower) and it seems to be happy with that.

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