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CoverArt and trouble with collage treatment


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I just became a supporter and installed CoverArt.  I'm trying to setup my Media Folders to use the collage treatment, but I'm having some issues.  I have uploaded a generic primary image to each media folder, but when collage is selected as the media folder treatment, all I see is the primary image.  Also, on the settings page, the preview looks like a broken thumbnail.






However, if I use another treatment under the Multiple style, it works.  Here are some screenshots with the Stack treatment selected.





I'm not sure what the difference is or what I might be missing.  Can anyone point me to a setting or something I should check?  I wasn't sure if any log files would be helpful, but I can certainly upload any if need be.  Thanks!

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Looks like a bug that slipped through all the recent image processing changes.


FYI - the server now has some automatic image creation for folders that looks better than this old CA Collage treatment...

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