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Live TV for IPTV Set-Top-Box


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First post to the Emby forums so I apologize if this is the wrong place...


I've been exploring replacing my Plex setup with Emby but am a little stuck.  Unfortunately I'm a little new to the media hosting/streaming world so I have a feeling what I'm trying to do is possible, I'm just not asking Google with the right words.  Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:


  1. Live-stream my IPTV set-top-box.  A friend of mine with a fairly robust Emby setup does this wish his Comcast Cable and ServerWMC.  Is there a way I can get the same level of control with my IPTV set top box (ADB 2721wx)?  HDHomeRun was my first thought, but it looks like that won't support it.  I've seen some hints that SlingBox might be able to do it too.  Surely there is some hardware that can facilitate this.
  2. I have unlimited cloud storage that I'm able to map as a Local Drive on my server... it just thinks it's another disk albeit a little bit slower.  I would love to be able use that as a DVR and media directory source.  I already do it with Plex, and it works decent - a little goofy and touchy, but I'm tweaking some things and it's getting better and better all the time.  My guess is that figuring out question 1 would help point me in the right direction, but if anyone has some recommendations I'd love to hear them.

If it helps - my ISP is a local company that does everything over fiber.  No Comcast/AT&T/Verizon/Dish etc.


I really appreciate any help or advice anyone an provide, and sorry for the n00b question.





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