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A few feature ideas.


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1. I love the sync feature, and am hopeful that someone will come up with a "Sync to OneDrive", similar to the "Sync to Google Drive".


2.I'd like to have an option to "Sync All", whether that be Movies, Television or Music. This would be similar to the Sync option included for "Latest Movies", "Latest Episodes", "Next Up", etc., but available under "Shows" for TV, or "Movies" for movies.


Effectively, this would simply monitor the "Television" and "Movie" folders and sync everything to the Sync location. This would allow for persistent backups of all media with only two Sync jobs. (Three, if you also have Music, which I do not.)


My intent with this configuration is to create a second local copy, then copy that "backup" copy to an external drive, and another machine which has a different, much faster internet connection for uploading to OneDrive. I've found this to be more efficient than having a separate Sync job for each location, mostly due to the fact that the Emby Server machine has a dedicated internet connection requiring it to be in a different subnet than the rest of the devices in the house. There is a second NIC with no gateway to allow communication with the "main" subnet.


3. Despite the complexity of my network, Emby has been very easy to work with, though being able to manually set the "internal" address of the Emby Server would be wonderful.


To better explain, the machine on which Emby Server runs has one NIC with a 10.18.x.x IP and gateway connected to it's dedicated router and internet connection. There is also a second NIC with a 10.81.x.x IP, but no gateway. Emby Server is automatically setting the 10.18.x.x IP address as the internal "Local Access" address, presumably because that is the subnet where it was able to resolve the "Remote Access" public IP. Being able to manually configure the "Local Access" address for the 10.81.x.x subnet would greatly simplify connection of the various Emby clients my family uses.


I absolutely love your product. I was previously using Serviio, which I thought was great. Emby has completely redefined "great" for me as far as media library capabilities are concerned. VERY well done. 


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