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Media Center Master and MB3 Server


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There seem to be a few people using MCM in conjunction with MB3 so I hope someone can help me here (the MCM forums are not easy to find answers in!).


I would like to use MB3's metadata collection as I feel it's more robust but still need to use MCM to collect TV and films from a drop folder and create folders, move to series folders, rename, etc.


Is there a way to get MCM to just perform the file move and renaming and then let MBS deal with the metadata?




Is it possible to get MBS to override the metadata for the films\tv shows it finds during the normal media scans?


Not sure the best way to split this task between the 2 apps.

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Unfortunately, no. MCM will always download metadata. Never had a problem using MCM and MBS for metadata, but I am looking to using MBS only for metadata. Just looking for a good replacement for renaming and moving video files

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I'm pretty sure MBS will only add the the metadata/artwork and not replace anything.


And are you talking about the download parser in MCM? You can uncheck auto-fetch metadata there so it only moves and renames the files (I think).  I put all my new movies and shows into a folder that MCM monitors so when I process them it moves and renames them and fetches the metadata, the option is there to not fetch it but I havnt tried it.



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If you deselect auto-fetch data in mcm it will not rename the folder and file. I think because without doing the auto-fetch it doesn't know what to name it. However you can disable all the image fetches and it will only create a movie.xml file. At least that was my experience when I tried this a few days ago.

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