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[Feature Request] Continuous Play Limit


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I was reading through the features that have been previously requested and one that caught my eye is this one:


This request basically asks to enable a server side limit to ensure bandwidth is fairly allocated to users (to avoid stuttering) however I was thinking it might be neat to have the following:




A limit that would stop playback continuous playback and ask if a user was still there after XXX episodes of continuous playback. Ideally this would work where the server would have a setting that indicates "If no user input for <180> minutes than pause playlist after current track" the duration would be configurable however it is important that it be based on a time period and not a track play count (as someone could just put in a bunch of really long movies) and that it not stop the playback of the current track (as that would be super annoying for most people).

  • The types of events would likely have to be things that happened in the client such as (pausing, starting, changing the volume, browsing the library, etc). 
  • The timer should be maintained per user on the server and should be reset whenever any client accessing that user account does something.
  • At the end of the timer the playback should stop after the current item is finished playing.
  • A prompt could be used to inform the user that the playback was stopped however playback should be able to be started by hitting play (hence also resetting the timer) and/or accepting the prompt (if used)
  • Possibly an option to have a separate duration for music playback or to ignore this feature all together.

I think that most users will find this to be a useful feature not just for server managers (in terms of electricity consumption from transcoding, and internet usage limits, and bandwidth) but also for each of the users (internet usage limits, episode watch indicators).




For me this feature would be helpful for users that hit play on an entire series and fall asleep after a while as it would cut down on internet usage (bandwidth and usage limits) and maybe even save a few pennies here and there from transcoding power consumption. It would also be beneficial for the users since if they were watching a season they wouldn't have to go back and figure out where they actually fell asleep as less episodes would be marked as watched for them.

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