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Use the Samsung Smart TV remote to control MCE (read Mediabrowser)


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Hi all,


Recently I bought a Samsung Smart TV (EU48H6400), which includes an universal programmable remote control. The programmable remote control  supports almost all types of setup boxes, home cinema sets an DVD players, but does not support MCE... :(


So I wondered if it was possible to programm it in such way so it could accept MCE commands (since my wife hates multiple remotes). … and YES there is a way!!!  :)


After some research I found a page that helped me a lot and thought this might be interesting to share it over here:



[source: here]


Dave McDonnell wrote:

I've just purchased a Samsung Series 6 (55H6400) TV, and I've been able to get the Smart remote to work with Windows 7 Media center like this.


Note: this may not work too well if you also have an Xbox 360 as it will get the remote key presses as well. I'm planning to cover over the IR sensor on my 360 if this becomes a problem for me.


So, first change your 7MCE to recognise key presses from Xbox remotes as well as MCE remotes:





CodeSetNum0 change from 1 to 0 and reboot


Once you have done that, in Universal Remote setup, change the input that you have MCE on to be a Bluray - Xbox.


What works on my remote:


D-pad directions and center click (menu navigation)

Return button (Back button)

Guide button (also opens media center if not running)

RW / Play / Pause / FF

Prog Up / Prog Down

No skip button unfortunately. I'm looking with Autohotkey if I can listen to the A/B/C/D buttons on bottom row to re-map these in software.

The smart remote also seems to accept gestures on the D-pad, but I havent worked this out yet.




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believe me, the Samsung smart remote is far far better than a Harmony remote, I have binned all three of my harmony remotes and swapped to the Samsung remote for both MCE and Extenders and the functionality of the Smart TV.


as for Skip and stop command just get into a habit of pressing the keypad button for the soft remote functionality. the remote provides it all in one tiny remote....be warned though for those who lose their remote often (i.e. my wife) its maybe not the best one :)

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