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No movies/tv shows showing on iPhone


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Hi All,


I did a quick search of the forums and haven't found anything of use to the below.


My server version is 3.0.5490.2.

I am running 3 desktop clients with a mixture of MBT and browser access, 2 Android phones, as well as an iPad and iPhone.


Over the weekend I had a drive with media fail so I recreated the library structure in a new location.


What I have noticed is all my devices have picked up the new media with the exception of the iPhone. Both the Movies and TV Shows show as blank.

I have tried the obvious of pulling down to get it to refresh from the server and have also tried to remove and re-add the server configuration.

When you pull down to refresh a message pops up for about half a second saying, "refreshing from server" and then disappears.


The iPhone has connectivity to the network and I am able to access media if I access it through the browser by going to:



iPhone app version is 1.5, which is the same as the version on my iPad.

I have not tried to remove and re-install the application yet.

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Just a quick update on this.

I never actually fixed the problem, but, I moved to a new iPhone and when I installed the app there it is now working, so I presume that uninstalling and re-installing on the old device may have worked too.

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