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Theme Music reporting being played when it's finished


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i have internal and external family members that use Roku's. If any of them leave the options at default in the app that means theme music will play but set to not repeat.


The server web client reports them playing the theme song even when they are currently playing a movie or tv episode. The activity display flashes between the real item they are playing and theme song which has reached the end but never disappears.


Server Version 3.0.5464.40000 and Roku 1.72 or 1.75. Please fix this when you have time as I don't mind them wanting to use that feature but I have noticed some consistency to the server going unresponsive when one of these theme songs is stuck in activity. For now I made sure all my Roku users turn off theme music.


Nothing in the logs that I could find.


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I still get this issue, do you @@BAS?


With the official roku app, yes. It will still do this I've just tested...

...but the blue neon roku app has already fixed this long ago.


Here is the pull request to fix this in the official client. :)


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Credit @@BAS and his persistence for fixing it.




To me it wasnt.. Thhhaaatt important. Ya know. Like its important, but not like important at the same time. Instead of care about things like how important it was then I see all the feature requests as challenges now. I need challenges to stay proficient in brightscript. If I stop doing it for too long, I have to reaquaint myself all over again to things. This is true in everything. If you want to be good, then practice. This is me practicing.


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