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Exclude movie or tv show ?


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I'm not sure if this is possible yet but if yes I can't figured out the easiest way to do it.


I have a lot of tv show in my library for the whole family. I also share the library with some friends

I get request sometime from sister/brother or friends to add a show they would like to watch but I don't really want to see it in my library.

I have no interest in those show and I'm trying to avoid having to create a new folder (library) for just those shows and remove access to myself to this library.

The way my setup is done is that all my download from SONARR (nzbdrone) is automatically extracted to my TV folder which after MB take care of the METADATA etc..


I'm trying to find if there's a way to remove the show from MY list without having to click WATCHED/PLAYED icon. If I do that, trakTV will add the show to my traktv.tv list.


A neat feature would be to have an icon for  "NOT INTERESTED" on the TV show poster.


I have the same problem for movie request that I have no interest watching and I like using the filter NOT WATCHED and I have all those movies listed.


Thank you for any suggestion and if the only choice is to create another library and movie those tv show and movie in this folder well.. at least I asked :)



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Having separate folders really is the best way of organising this. Then give each user access to just the folders in which they're interested.


e.g. My wife likes to watch Asian dramas and movies, so she has those folders in her collection, and I have just regular TV and movies in my collection. 


She only sees her stuff, and I only see mine. Another advantage is that if a screen saver kicks-in the backdrops shown are only for stuff in your own collection.

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you can use the new parental control via tags feature. it's not exactly what you're asking, but it can suffice as a workaround

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Thx ! I was going to do like AdrianW mentioned but I might try to play with the parental control just to see :)

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@@Luke, could this parental tag control be used with hiding collections? So all those collections that show movies a user shouldn't be able to access could be tagged not to show?


Edit - answer = yes :)


I have 2 customers that will be VERY pleased about this. It may be manual, but it works, and they'll be happy with it.


In case anyone needs to know how,you can exclude a Collection from a specfic users view by -


1) Go into your collections with an Management level account (able to edit).

2) Choose a collection to edit in the Metadata Manager.

3) Scroll down to the tag section, and add a tag you can exclude. I've simply used "nobox". Don't forget to hit the + symbol after entering your tag AND hit the save button.

4) Go to the dashboard - users - parental control

5) Scroll down to the Block items with Tag section and add your tag; again don't forget to hit save.

6) Run a library scan, and you should find any collection you've tagged no longer viewable in the specified users library.

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