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Adding a new, perfectly named/organized TV Show fails every time


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This isn't rare for me, and it hasn't worked a single time. In the past I've been able to advance refresh my way into things working


I don't understand how the server completely fails every time it goes scrolling into a "detected" change in a TV Show folder and finds a new folder named Season 1 (which I create) as it is being populated with TV Show Name - SXXEXX - Episode Name.ext files which are always accurately named


The server just does some kind of asinine search on Season 1 and either renames the folder and pulls in metadata for "Ed, Edd, and Eddy" or "For the Love of Ray-J"


In my current predicament, I have two different collections named "Alpha House" since it failed to recognize Season 1 / Season 2 and it doesn't give me the option to enter external IDs at the Series Level (or identify the show at the series level)


Here are some logs (I believe season 1 rename fail was in 3677, and season 2 was in 8840)






This is in the neighborhood of embarrassingly bad for such a polished server product at this point



Also, I'm not new to any of this. There are over 50 tv series in my server. All of them are under the same UNC directory. I have only one "library" UNC path for TV Shows which is ~\tRAID\TV Shows\  -- every show is given it's own individual folder after that, and each show is given a nested set of season folders


I actually don't understand how to repair MB3s duplicate series at this point

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Well after the rant . . . 


A revisit to the web client seems to indicate the advanced refresh has now fixed the series completely with a nice Season 1, Season 2 split


However, is there a way to "force" the server from searching on empty Season 1 folders? It really shouldn't search for a "Series" name beyond my top level \\~\tRAID\TV Shows\ folder. Every single series I ever want to add gets a folder named in such a way that a search on it would yield 90+% match every time, but when the server goes and searches for "Season 1" the best result it seems to be finding these days is "Ed, Edd, and Eddy"


Is there a way to stop it from querying nested "Season" folders as the series name?

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This is because of the time that is elapsed between you creating the Series folder and the Season 1 folder.  Between those two events, the Series folder was seen and, since it had no content, was resolved as just an organizational folder.  Then you added the season folder and the fun began.  This is an old issue I wish we could fix but it isn't dead-simple to do so.

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if there are a few users which cant conform to - '1st level are shows, 2nd level are seasons',

Can all users conform to Level X are shows and level X+1 are seasons...

and introduce an option to the user to define X (default 1)...any folder less<X can be assumed to be organisational.

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