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Mixed: Movies & TV - Main Screen Display Issue


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MB Server: Version 3.0.5424.1


MB Theater: Version 3.0.5427.36363


I have one item in my Library that is set up as MIXED: Movies & TV.  MB Theater is not showing any of this collection from the Main Screen. The Collection is listed at the top of the screen, but when you select it, none of the items are displayed. If I go to the FOLDERS selection and then click on this Collection, all of the items are displayed.  This is the only item set up as MIXED and is the only one with a display issue at the Main Screen.


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Same issue for me too. As mentioned previously, this has been the issue with MBT for some time.


The only way, to have the media in the mixed Film and TV folder seen in main sections of MBT is to not use the mixed folder type.


I had to move the movies and TV shows into separate folders, and give the former a Movie folder type and the latter a TV Show folder type, once that was done they were visible.


An inelegant solution, i admit, but the only one I found to work.

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Try on the latest version of MBT, 5431

MBT 5431 displays Mixed Movies & TV items on Main Screen, but in an odd Poster View. Big spacing in Poster View with Title Text overlay that appears to be Left Justified. No left panel grid like for movies and tv. No latest added section.

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Also, The option to 'Select View' is greyed out, as is 'Sort By'. As @blade005 said we are left with an odd looking view of the posters for the media with left justified text. The posters are also oddly spaced out.



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