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Desktop Icons, AppData and general information


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Distros such as Fedora, Ubuntu and OpenSUSE use .desktop and appdata files to describe applications.

the .desktop file is basically a software shortcut, it contains information such as the code to start the application, the name, description and icon. At the moment the appdata information is used by software managers like gnome-software so that users can see the application like in an appstore with screenshots and everything.

Here are placeholders that i created in the rpm packages and would like others to comment/suggest so that they reflect with better accuracy the Media Browser Server.




[Desktop Entry]
Name=Media Browser Server
Comment=Server to manage and view your media 
Exec=xdg-open http://localhost:8096/mediabrowser/

Fedora Screenshot54436e7bdfd69_desktop.png



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <id type="desktop">MediaBrowserServer.desktop</id>
  <summary>Media Server </summary>
    <p>Media Browser Server is a home media server built on top of other popular open source technologies such as Service Stack, jQuery, jQuery mobile, and Mono.</p>
    <p>It features a REST-based api with built-in documention to facilitate client development. We also have client libraries for our api to enable rapid development.</p>
    <p>We have several client apps released and in production:</p>
  <url type="homepage">https://mediabrowser.tv</url>
    <screenshot type="default">https://camo.githubusercontent.com/575008c4b91769d5054e0e951c7eb97f3b8e550c/68747470733a2f2f7261772e6769746875622e636f6d2f4d6564696142726f777365722f4d6564696142726f777365722e5265736f75726365732f6d61737465722f617070732f6d6274312e706e67</screenshot>
Information such as comment and descriptions can be set in different languages so that the os picks the right one based on its settings
As you can see even the screenshot that i used at first is not one for the server application so if we can come up with better screenshots and description that would be great. 


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