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'Favorites' and 'Movies by Genre' special folders not loading posters initially on EHS

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Hi @@ebr, let me start by saying this is not a new issue so it's not as a result of any recent code changes.

It's been around as a bug for me forever (maybe even MB2), it's just taken me a while to get around to collecting all the info so I can post it.


Issue is, when first entering the EHS screen and scrolling along the menu bar, when I get to one of the special folders like 'Favorites' or 'Movies by Genre' - the posters on that row do not display initially (just the default one) -- if I then move to the next item and back to the problem item, magically all the posters are there (and will continue to be there for the entire session)


The best way I can demonstrate this was to record a video of it in action so you could see, I've also attached MBClassic and server logs for your reference covering the same timestamp as the video.


Hope this all helps, thanks in advance.







MB versions: Classic version and Server 3.0.5395.0 both on Windows 7

Issue happens on 2 separate machines also.

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Not sure - there are no errors.  Probably an inability to access the images initially for some reason... drives sleeping?

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Can't really be drives sleeping, they are simply a different view of the ones that are loading fine.


And as you can see for a split second, the Movies by Genre posters load then are quickly replaced by the blank posters for some reason. It makes no sense to me, and those are the only types that are affected - none of the actual defined folders behave like that. It's definitely something with those EHS items that are aggregated based on metadata.

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