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Emby Server 4.7.6 - Multi-Select & Right to Left Languages


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Emby Server 4.7.6 - Multi-Select & Right to Left Languages

This is the latest point release of Emby Server containing fixes for identified issues.

Support shift to multi-select

Newly added to 4.7.6 is the ability to multi-select. Instead of having to select each and every media item you can now select the first media item as shown below:


then holding the shift key on your keyboard, select the top-left circle with your mouse on your end media item. In two quick clicks we now have 18 items selected in this example!


Right to Left languages:

4.7.6 adds support for languages that display right to left. Here's an example Nest Hub view using the Hebrew language.



Other improvements and fixes include:

  • Improve filter menu indicator
  • Add Select None to multi-select lists
  • Fix regressions related to image extraction
  • Improve the use of internet metadata with recordings
  • Improve photo loading performance
  • Include activity log database file when vacuuming databases
  • Mark all video versions as played when toggling played
  • Change wording of transcoding reasons to be more user friendly
  • Fix sort by sort title being case sensitive in some views
  • Fixes for file names with years at beginning
  • Improve dsd/dsf playback over Dlna

Original Blog posts for the 4.7 release:

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Please report any issues you may have in the General/Windows section of our Community Forums: Emby Community General/Windows Forum


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