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Emby Server 4.7.5 - Point Release: Round 4 Fixes




Emby Server 4.7.5 - Point Release: Round 4 Fixes

This is the latest point release of Emby Server containing fixes for identified issues.

  • Fix a/v sync regressions with live tv and recordings
  • Fix web app subtitle sizes being too small
  • Various fixes with new table view feature

Original Blog posts for the 4.7 release:
Emby Server 4.7 Release: Many New Features, Improvements and Fixes

Emby Server 4.7.1 - Point Release: Round 1 Fixes

Emby Server 4.7.2 - Point Release: Round 2 Fixes

Emby Server 4.7.4 - Point Release: Round 3 Fixes

Please report any issues you may have in the General/Windows section of our Community Forums: Emby Community General/Windows Forum

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Multiple IP addresses are not recognized in QNAP NAS

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It does for me on Linux, Synology, Windows and TrueNAS.
Are you checking the logs to see what IPs it binds to?  Only one IP will show on the dashboard.

Are these IPs from different subnets or just one subnet? Any VLANs involved?
Are theses separate NICs?

What exactly is the purpose of having multiple IPs vs combining multiple NICs for more bandwidth?

I do this on my clustered servers. Every server has 2 or 4 10GBaseT NICS and have one or two Infiniband 56Gb adapters that also get combined for strictly server communication.

I do the same thing with 3 NICs on my notebook (1, 2.5, 25Gb) and other things like my Synology 920+ NAS that only has 2 single GB nics.

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I got some issues with Roku, when trying to open iptv plugin app crashes...any ideas?

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1 hour ago, jathe said:

I got some issues with Roku, when trying to open iptv plugin app crashes...any ideas?

Hi there, we're happy to help. Please follow the instructions in how to report a problem to create a support topic. Thanks !

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