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German Rating Enhancements


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@Luke Is there any news on this, the list of incomprehensible (because not lived like this in DE) make it incredibly exhausting for the users to use the actual age restrictions. The list is getting unbearably longer. The metadata is set to German. Actually, something like genre mapping for age ratings only should solve the problem, do you already have something on this? If I replace all the metadata, the TMDB (at least for German age ratings), which is largely unmaintained, is still used today; mapping to, for example, 4 age ratings does not take place:



FSK 12 

FSK 16

FSK 18

Thank you for a little information.

Best regards


Currently it looks like this:299460009_Screenshot2022-08-03154728.png.de95d910d16b01895c84da00531580f9.png1653322558_Screenshot2022-08-03154700.png.294de078d5e4b678879760578614d6ef.png1010400438_Screenshot2022-08-03154616.png.88e8d19dc4a0868bf28c070a2e4be7d9.png867711144_Screenshot2022-08-03154750.png.3c940b66d9407933dcdc874dfb29ed29.png



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46 minutes ago, Luke said:

Hi there, can you please go over an example? Thanks.

G (General Audience)
PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
R (Restricted) and
NC-17 (No One 17 And Under Admitted)

The rating G is comparable to the German release from FSK 0 (DE) and, as can be deduced from the general name, is suitable for the entire audience. However, PG and R follow a different principle than in Germany. Although the audience of the age groups 6-17 is also affected here, it is possible for children there to attend films for young people as long as they have the PG or PG-13 age rating. If I had to define a rule now, it would be PG release with us FSK 6 (DE) and PG-13 release comes closest to FSK 12 (DE). Release R could be FSK 16 (DE). The whole system is rounded off with NC-17, which corresponds to our FSK-18 rating.

Lets you scale it infinitely further, but as it stands right now, unfortunately, no one understands it anymore. If you watch on Netflix and the like, the FSK are usually adapted to the German account. There may also be a better metadata provider. Do you have any ideas? Thanks

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@LukeThanks for moving it and thanks for thinking about it. @Happy2Playjust thanks again!

For a better overview of the English ratings vs:

  • Rated G („General Audiences“):  These films are released for all age groups. The rating corresponds to the German FSK rating "released from FSK 0".
  • Rated PG („Parental Guidance Suggested“): Parental guidance for young children is recommended for these films. The rating essentially corresponds to the German FSK rating "released from FSK 6".
  • Rated PG-13 („Parents strongly cautioned“): For these films, parents are warned that some content may not be suitable for children under 13. The rating is thus somewhat stricter than the German FSK rating of "released from FSK 12".
  • Rated R („Restricted“): These films may only be seen by young people under the age of 17 in the company of a parent or guardian. The rating is thus somewhat stricter than the German FSK rating of "released from FSK 16".
  • Rated NC-17 („No one 17 and under admitted“): These films have not been given a youth rating and may only be seen from the age of 18. The rating therefore corresponds to the German FSK rating "released from FSK 18".

As you can see in the screenshot, there are of course other countries that can be found in the metadata, such as "8;15;14", which may have to be assigned individually or permanently.

e.g. 6<8.9 = FSK 6 ; >9<12 = FSK 12 etc....

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The first three already map perfectly, but I'll adjust fsk-16 and fsk-18 so that they map with R and NC-17.

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Ohhh wow, you write that they are already mapped, even in the current build or in a new version? If it's already implemented now, I shouldn't have ratings of the first 3 in the metadata, right? So if I trigger Replace Metadata it would have to bend it around, right? What do you think of the other redirects, too individual or is there a chance there too? Either way, thank you so much!

Many greetings


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I shouldn't have ratings of the first 3 in the metadata, right

Hi, you shouldn't have what exactly? The mappings don't change your metadata values. Your metadata values come from whatever metadata sources you enable.

The mappings are only used for parental control rating comparisons, if you use that feature.

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Okay, I understand, it's assigned for parental control, so that's good and important.

But the real concern is rather that the visual selection is then also reduced accordingly. There are clear rules in every country. In Germany, for example, we have these 5 selection fields (FSK 0, 6, 12, 16, 18) and the list is getting longer and longer and makes it unbearable to make the right selections in the filters, for example. Since not every user has the corresponding explanations of the individual foreign ratings in his head.

The metadata should not be changed, but a visual adjustment based on the country should fix it.

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