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Video error on playback - Transcoding


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Having trouble getting a mkv rip to play in the web client, or anything else that transcodes.


Movie was ripped to mkv yesterday with DVDFab and regardless of it having 3D in a description in one of the log files it is not a 3D movie.


Originally ripped the 2D disc yesterday and had the same issue so I retried it with the 3D ISO and "converted" it to 2D with DVDFab.


I am positive that I tried another rip yesterday that did the same thing but at this moment I cannot find it, I will keep looking.


I cleared out my logs and restarted the server and then played the mkv through the web client.





EDIT: The mkv plays fine via direct play


EDIT 2: re-ripped to mkv and removed the TRUEHD 7.1 track. mkv now has AC3 audio and transcodes just fine.





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The problem crashkelly described and logged above still exists today


Both android and kodi clients will not playback anything (audio/video) when a TrueHD Atmos audio track is selected


In android you can bypass this quite easily by selecting the audio track you prefer to play, but in Kodi it's not a currently implemented feature to switch audio tracks . . . so atmos films are usually going to fail since it will just pick up the first audio track


This is becoming slightly more of a problem with more and more releases using Atmos http://www.dolby.com/us/en/experience/dolby-atmos/bluray-and-streaming.html and will only continue to grow

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I haven't had this problem till this morning. Is this on the server side or the client side?  I just started using the Fire TV version.



Edit: Sorry, I'm still on my first cup of coffee, I should have read your post better.

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