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Episode background image appears to have changed. Blows up thumbnail.


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Hi there,

Emby Server v4.7.1.0 (I was on v4.6.7.0). At the same time my Samsung Tizen TV apps expired so I've updated them both to v1.2.8.

The issue I’ve just noticed is that when I open up an episode, the artwork behind the episode details and navigation areas is the thumbnail blown up. The thumbnail images are quite small ~400px so it looks quite poor.

I’m pretty sure on the previous version of the Tizen app (or Emby Server) it used to display the fan art image.

Here is an image of what I mean:



Here is the same screen in the web user interface. I think this looks a lot better:


I’ve looked in the display settings however there doesn’t seem to be an option to change this behaviour.

Samsung TV Tizen App: v1.2.8
Samsung model number: QA65Q80TAWXXY
Samsung firmware version: T-NKMUABC-2200.9, B2052210/B60202, BT - S
Samsung Emby client version: v1.2.8
Emby server version: v4.7.1.0



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Hi, more options to control this are possible for future updates. Thanks.

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