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Symfonium: Music player and cast with Emby support


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Symfonium is a simple and modern music player, with an unique vision to be your central control point for your music. Add multiple media providers (Your local device, Plex, Emby, Jellyfin, Subsonic, Kodi) then play your music on any supported player (Your local device, Chromecast, UPnP, DLNA, Kodi).

Remark: This is a paid application with a free trial to ensure continuous updates without tons of bothering ads. It does not allow you to play or download media that you do not own.


• Consolidate all your music from different media providers (Your android device, Plex, Emby, Jellyfin, Subsonic*, Kodi) in a fast, beautiful and intuitive interface.
• Cast your music to Chromecast, UPnP/DLNA or Kodi devices. (Support UPnP gapless on compatible devices)
• Cache your media for offline playback (Manual or automatic with custom rules).
• Advanced Android Auto support.
• Advanced custom tag parser for local device (Support more files, more tags, multiple values, separators, cue files, …).
• Many functions for audio books like playback speed, skip silence, resume points, …
• Smart filters and smart playlists to organize and play your media on many different criteria.
• Complete playlist support with sync with most media providers.
• Fully configurable interface: organize your tabs, shortcuts, home page, now playing, sorts, use lists or grids with custom sizes and much more.
• Transcoding support when casting to Chromecast (And soon UPnP).
• Multiple now playing media queues, easily switch between audio books and playlist or albums without loosing your configuration (Playback speed, shuffle, position, …).
• Complete file mode support.
• Playback cache, no more music stop during network hiccups.
• Adaptive widgets.
• Composer support for classical music lovers.
• Support favorites and 5 star rating.
• Lyrics support (Including synced lyrics. Embedded in the media files or provided by the media provider).
• Advanced personal and instant "Mix" modes that evolves with your listening habits.
• Fully embrace Material You and Android 12+ colored themes, while still proposing many other themes (Or create your custom ones).
• Advanced local music player with gapless, volume boost, replay gain and supporting many formats like Alac, Flac, Opus, Aac, Dsd, Aif, Wma, Mpc, Ape, Tta, Wv, …
• Advanced equalizer with preamp, compressor and limiter. (5, 10, 15, 31 bands or up to 256 bands in expert mode)
• AutoEQ support, with more than 4200 optimized profiles tailored for your headphone model and support for custom ones.
• Multiple equalization profiles, with automatic switching on headphone change.
• Artist images and biography scraping for local Android media.
• Sleep timer, widgets, automatic suggestions and everything for the music lovers. (Missing something? Just request it on the forum)
• And much, much more, just install and try everything with the full free trial.

• Official website: https://symfonium.app
• Forums and documentation: https://support.symfonium.app/

• Symfonium relies on the media providers to provide accurate music library data, it does not directly parse tags nor have metadata editing functions.
• Symfonium development is user driven and moving fast, be sure to open feature requests on the forum to have the perfect app for your needs.
 Plex pass or Emby premiere are not needed for Symfonium to provide all it’s features.

• Symfonium is available on Google Play Store: 

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Seems to be a great app but everytime I close the app (I have a one plus 5t) it removes the progress of the audiobook in emby I was playing completely which makes it unuseable for me unfortunately. 

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The positions are always saved see https://support.symfonium.app/t/wiki-resuming-audiobook-album-playlist/228 for how to resume easily.

The app, for the moment, does not keep the global state when killed because Symfonium is multi provider multi player so the state when stopping the app is often not the wanted state when restarting the app the next day.

If you are talking about the position inside Emby, please join the beta on the Play Store it have a fix for sometimes reporting the wrong positions.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Version 1.4.0

  • Note:
    If you like the application, please take time to leave a full review on Play Store it is really important for the launch and the future of the application. (Outside of beta program)

  • Added:
    Add support for transcoding for Subsonic (Playback and downloads), please report on this to start removing the beta label of Subsonic support.
    Add support for UPnP Gapless playback. (Enabled by default, can be disabled in settings)
    Add support for Kodi Gapless playback.
    Add new setting to configure the Typography (fonts) and tweaked the default ones.
    Add toggle favorite button to Android Auto.

  • Changed:
    Performance improvements, if you have performance issues, please contact me with details and your device info.
    Many small UI tweaks.
    Easier access to Plex.tv login during first run wizard for auto detected servers.
    Apply album year to songs for Local device provider to allow decade mix to work.
    Titles in details view can be clicked to expand when too long.
    Try to show real folders and files names in Emby/Jellyfin file mode.

  • Fixed:
    Fix possible race when migrating playback to a different renderer.
    Fix a few wrong default icons.
    Fix possible wrong artist image shown during drag and drop.
    Fixed a few UPnP edge cases.
    Try to fix auto downloads not starting on Android 12+.
    Fix for Plex trying to unnecessarily transcode vorbis.
    Fix missing album list when browsing small artist lists in Android Auto.
    Fix missing error messages in download queue.
    Fix issue with Plex SSO and updating the current IP.
    Properly ask for write permission when downloading to download folder on older Android versions.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Version 1.4.5

  • Added:
    Add new setting to tweak UPnP flags for the rare devices that requires it.
    Add new experimental settings for Hi-Res local renderer.
    Add new Subsonic provider settings to force artist metadata gathering.

  • Fixed:
    Workaround for Jellyfin not returning the m3u playlists if there’s not at least one database playlist.
    Fix possible Plex authentication error when trying to locate the new server IP.
    Subsonic transcoding no more tries to support seeking it’s too unstable.
    Fix Plex connection to friends server when using web auth.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Version 1.5.0

  • Added:
    Compiled for Android 13 with support for new permissions, language change, themed icon, new notification media control, … (All Android 13+ of course)
    Smart playlists now support provider / library filtering.
    Add instant mix feature.
    Add support for Lyrics (including Synced). Embedded in the music files with local renderer or provided by Plex / Emby / Jellyfin (Configurable size, Toggle auto scroll, Toggle clickable timings, Option keep screen on while showing lyrics).
    Add advanced option to disable Media Session to help workaround some devices bugs. (If the app is killed in background on older Pixels, clear Google app cache)
    Add new option to show rating bar in now playing. (Also allows editing user rating)
    Add new option to show additional song information in lists. (Favorite, Ratings, Duration, …)
    Show ratings in songs details view.
    Add new option no download endpoint for Subsonic servers with disabled download function. (Will use the stream one)

  • Fixed:
    Fix possible trial issue when no Internet connection.
    Allow editing host subdirectory configuration.
    Fix possible sync issue with local device when SDCard is not yet mounted.
    Fix ExoPlayer issues with some m4b files.
    Fix shuffle button in list retaining the same order.
    Enable AAC support in ffmpeg to workaround some devices issues.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Version 1.6.0

  • Notes:

Play Store ratings with full reviews (outside of beta) are really important to be ranked and discovered as the application is relatively recent.
So if you like the application please take some time to leave a full review.

  • Added:

Add option to hide Symfonium logo from the widget.
Add support for Android media store (Local device) playlist import.
Lyrics timestamps can now also be displayed at the end of the lines.
Add support for albums Original release date. (For providers that support it, requires a sync)
Add support for audiobook chapters when returned by Plex / Emby and Jellyfin.
Add new option for Local device and Kodi to prefer song art instead of Album art.
Add new option to animate the expanded now playing slider with waves like Android 13+ style.
Add new Basic style for now playing design.
Added a few workarounds to improve Jellyfin AudioBook support.
Small animations tweaks in now playing screens.
Add new option to ignore remote stop commands and treat them as pause (For some car when stopped for example).

  • Fixed:

Some fixes to better support Gonic (Subsonic) servers. Be sure to update your Gonic servers to the latest snapshot version. (https://github.com/sentriz/gonic)
Workaround some Android Auto changes to properly pause when disconnecting.
Workaround possible duplicate scrobbling with Plex servers.
Finally hopefully fixed the unknown rare crash.
Update Compose to the latest snapshot that contains all memory leak fixes.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Version 1.7.0

* Added:
Add new option to scrape artist metadata online for the local device media provider. (Require a sync after update)
Add new option to keep shuffle and repeat mode state between plays and app restart.
Add a public API to control Symfonium from other apps. (Start playback, change renderer, force sync, playback control, ...) (See Wiki for documentation)
Added direct smart playlist creation buttons to simplify discovery.
You can now reorder the settings button position.
Apply song genres to artists for Subsonic to improve library browsing.
Support drag and drop from the search tab.
Add new option to prefer original version from server on Wifi when possible.
Add new configurable 5 stars songs as overview row.

* Fixed:
Support clickable links in bio / descriptions.
Fix Plex song rating sometimes sending wrong values.
Reduce state reporting to media providers frequency and fix Jellyfin reports.
Properly use the song smart filter duration as seconds as the hint suggest.
Fix Plex home user selection when using plex Web auth.
Emby/Jellyfin collections are properly shown as tags.
Fixed some text clipping with long translations. (Please report them so I can find them).
Refactor some internals to reduce possible spam of Media Session updates causing issues with other apps.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Version 1.8.0

  • Added:
    Added new experimental advanced equalizer for Android 9+ (May not work on all devices):
    • Preamp.
    • Equalizer with configurable 5, 10, 15, 31 bands.
    • Compressor.
    • Limiter.
    • AutoEq profiles for perfect tuning of your headphones. (4000+ profiles included and support for custom files)
    • Expert mode allowing full control over the number of bands and their frequencies + advanced settings for the compressor and limiter.
    • Automatic loading of profiles based on currently active sound output. (Specific BT headphones, USB, jack headphone, …)

Added queue options to the API.
Allow folder download from file mode. (Not recursive)
Add new option to set maximum bitrate on Wifi.
Enabled file mode support for Subsonic servers.
Added button to import some common default smart playlists.

  • Changed:
    Refactored settings to add a Now playing top section.
    Refactored many internals about now playing handling (Lyrics fetching, queue, …) to prepare the future. Please report any issues to support.

  • Fixed:
    Fix ui drawn under the navigation bar in some cases on some devices.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Version 1.9.0

  • Added:
    Refactored playlists to allow editing and pushing edits back to providers (Plex, Emby, Jellyfin, Subsonic).
    • Syncs are manual as offline first and without proper ways for all providers to handle conflicts.
    • Since there is now different kind of playlists (multi providers, single provider, read only), be sure to read the options when importing / creating playlists.

Added new option to disable automatic library sync.
Save external lyrics to internal database when offline caching songs for full offline usage. (Unfortunately this requires that you cache again the media)
Add new option dynamic color for library navigation (Change primary color on details view, extracted from the image)

  • Changed:
    Refactored the pause on short focus change to a more generic configurable action (Duck, Pause, None). You need to reconfigure the setting if you previously used pause.
    Change the show codec option to a more complete show additional info. Clickable row to toggle additional info like codecs, current equalizer profile, next media, queue details, … (Support long click for direct actions)

  • Fixed:
    Fixed a small race that could lead to the wrong media being visible in the now playing (While the proper one was playing). Thanks for the reports.
    Optimized large playlist start on large databases.

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Version 1.10.0

* Notes:
If you know someone (or are) with the necessary skills to rework the current app icon, please contact me. It's time to fix this little thing :)

* Added:
Added new option (beta) to cache and pre cache playback queue for improved playback on low quality network (Off by default for now).
Now playing media info displays bit per sample for high quality media on Android 12+.
Add button to duplicate Smart playlists to easily build variations of them.
Allow adding media to playlist from another playlist.
Add new option to remap next/previous headset commands for devices that does not send the individual events.
Add new API commands to configure wifi/mobile transcode bitrate.

* Changed:
Major internal refactoring to prepare future state saving. Please report any issue with now playing queue status or gapless playback.
Internal Equalizer is now Android 10+ (From 9+) sorry for that, but too many crashes on Android 9. (Please contact me with device details if you used it successfully on Android 9, Play Console does not give the broken device info)
Personal & instant mixes are now fixed size and no more infinite to support future state saving. (Size is configurable in settings. Those mixes are smart, if you restart them it will ensure new content!)
Playlist resuming now retain how it was last started to also restore the shuffle order when started via the shuffle button.
Favorite button is now always visible in notifications whatever Android version.

* Fixed:
Show loading status and sort playlists by name when importing from media center.
Allow configuring media providers with 1 character login.
Fix some playlist sync issues with some subsonic servers and add workaround for Funkwhale issues.
Fix some filtering issues when using multiple providers and library filtering.
Fix offline filter not applied when playing albums.
Support more cases of invalid media providers certificates when playing locally.
Fix replay gain support with lower case vorbis tags.
Fix Plex song artist handling in compilations.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Version 1.11.0

* Added:
Added support for more lyrics tags, if your lyrics are still not visible please contact me with sample files to add support.
Added support for some Amr files. As always if you have non working media, please contact me with details.
Added download to Download folder support for playlists.

* Changed:
The show additional info row is now enabled by default (Hint: It's clickable/long clickable). (Contact me with details if the row does not fit on your device)
Added haptic feedback for drag and drop feature.
Tweak the black theme.

* Fixed:
Hopefully fix a rare crash. (If you have app crashes please contact support)
Fix repeat mode issues.
Fix changing to the last song of a playlist could stop playback.
Fix possible wrong track played when quickly changing songs via swipe / next button.
Fix possible delay when changing songs.

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  • 1 month later...

Version 2.0.0

  • Notes:
    This is a major release, with tons of changes for state saving, performance and future improvements. As always please report issues directly to me and not on Play Store.
    App icon is changed but you can revert in settings, see below.

  • Added:

    • Full playback state saving (Beta, on by default, see playback settings). Keep playback state and queue even after app kill. (Long press play/pause do stop and clear the queue as before)
    • New default Symfonium Icon, default theme tweak and added new Orange theme.
    • New option: Application icon to change the icon in app, launcher, notification, …
    • New option: Tint home page icons with primary color (On by default).
    • New option: Tint widget icon with primary color (On by default on Android 12+)
    • New option: Auto play on headset plug (On by default).
    • New option: Auto play on Bluetooth connection (Off by default, may require permission).
    • New option: Auto pause / resume media when volume reach zero (Off by default).
    • New option: Enable integration with system Equalizer. (On by default as currently)
    • New option: Smaller header images in detail views.
    • New option: Offload mode. Tries to offload the playback to device coprocessor (if present) to reduce battery usage, may also help with hi-res media on some devices. (Android 10+, off by default, experimental)
    • New resizable widget with proper design for each supported widget sizes (Material You).
    • Network providers now have a Wifi only option to disable communication when on mobile network.
    • Properly register as being able to play media files from other apps.
    • Support for more external lyrics provided by Emby. (If some are still missing contact me).
    • Added support for future Navidrome version that expose lastPlayed value for sync.
    • New toggle to skip existing playlist when importing from a media provider.
    • Added new cleanup duplicates action to playlists.
    • Italian translation, thanks Manuel06p. (Reminder: Translations are crowd sourced you can help for your languages too)
  • Changed:

    • Refactored internals to prepare for more widgets. You’ll need to add again the widget (or try the new one) to your home screen sorry for the inconvenience.
    • Refactored the option Prefer internal decoder to allow more codecs to be decoded by the device. (If you now have issues with Flac, enable the option)
    • Refactoring to try not to use the internal webserver when playing offline cached media on the local renderer.
    • Enabled predictive back gesture.
    • Advanced equalizer is back on Android 9. If you have issues with it please contact me.
    • Use Firebase Crashlytics for crash reports as Google have removed necessary information from Play Console. (Remember that you can opt out in the settings, but it’s really useful for me to fix and improve the app)
    • Detect unsupported token authentication for Subsonic servers and warn during setup.
    • Reorder some main Android Auto entry points to better reflect main usages.
    • Current now playing widget now properly support Material You. This also means that widgets now follow OS colors and no more the app theme until Glance provides the necessary API.
    • Expired trials now also have 1 more trial day after install to test new versions, same as users who update the app.
  • Fixed:

    • Fix image and offline cache when using invalid certificates.
    • Fix repeat one would not work correctly.
    • Fix possible race with UPnP when skipping tracks.
    • Properly detect empty cached files due to provider transcode issues.
    • Fix sort order selection in smart playlists.
    • Increase playlist import timeouts.
    • Revert to local renderer if another app is started on current Chromecast device to avoid trying to reconnect and disconnect other apps.
    • Fix some Subsonic issues (Files > 2Gb, play count not updated)
    • Fix possible issue with Plex server changing IP and plex SSO.
    • Internal decoder is a little more resilient to invalid data in the media.
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Version 2.1.0

  • Notes:
    Just a small reminder that Play Store ratings and comments are vital for apps, thanks for your help.

  • Added:
    New option: Hide top filter button.
    New option: Hide cast buttons.

  • Changed:
    Prefer internal decoder option is now on by default as more broken devices than expected and users not reading changelogs. (But big thanks if you do)
    Disabled advanced EQ on Android 9 OPPO devices as their implementation is broken.
    Tweak add host wizard to better explain when the port value is needed or not.
    Improved search from voice commands.
    Removed the abomination that is Glance and returned to normal widgets code. I probably missed some edge case in the transition please report widget issues with details.

  • Fixed:
    Try to not clear the queue when now playing notification is dismissed.
    Properly handle more cases of failed sync to avoid data loss.
    Fix download issue with older Ampache servers.
    Fix possible crash with Subsonic playlist import when the server returns invalid data.
    Fix a packaging issue that should improve performance on most devices.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Version 3.0.0

  • Notes:
    Symfonium is now Android 9+ due to abuse on the ratings about the equalizer not being present before and not enough ratings to counter that. Previous versions will still work fine on Android 5 to 8, but if you want a refund just contact me.
    Please note that I’m not happy to have to do that, but it’s already hard enough to fight the “app should be free bad ratings”, Play Store is a jungle, your ratings have an impact.

  • Added:
    New option: Hide favorite button from now playing. (Still accessible from the 3 dots menu)
    Sleep timer can be set as the additional information row. (With long press to quickly configure)
    New Favourite playlists home overview row.
    New option: Automatic offline cache of favorite albums and songs. (Note that smart playlists are often a better way to achieve this)
    New option: Display playback messages.
    New backup & restore function. Limited to settings for now but will expand.
    Chromecast casting now support playback speed too.
    Chromecast casting now support Google assistant skip next.
    Added new optional playback controls in the lyrics view.
    Added new option to configure now playing cover margin.
    Add new in playlist smart filter to allow playlist merging.

  • Changed:
    The application is now Android 9+ only. See notes.
    Try to support more devices for UPnP gapless, as usual if there’s issues contact me.
    Update the sleep timer dialog to be more convenient.
    Migrate to ugly Google CAF for Chromecast (No Google I really do not want all the useless things you bring with it ;)). Please report issues with Chromecast casting.
    Lyrics view should now have less delays and be more in sync for synced lyrics.
    Updated the wave slider to match the new Android 13 design.
    Auto play on headset/BT device no more auto play if another music player is already active.

  • Fixed:
    Workaround Astiga returning invalid data with compilations.
    Fix some repeat mode possible issues.
    Add some workarounds to support Ogg files with video tracks.
    Fix sync issue on some Subsonic servers when no genres are present.
    Download to Downloads folder could fail with empty downloaded file error.
    Possible race when Symfonium is restarted in the background, leading to temporary audio focus request causing possible pause of other media players.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey, I posted this over in the other support forum, because I'm really not sure who to tag on this. I don't know if this is a problem with Emby, Symfonium, or combination of both.


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Version 3.1.0

  • Notes:
    Happy new year, thanks all for the support.
    Just a small reminder that translations are crowd-sourced, you can contribute from the settings. ([Wiki] Help translating Symfonium)

  • Added:
    New option: Extra transparency to now playing overlay icons.
    New option: Song second additional information in list.
    Offline cache status and play count can be selected as song additional information in lists.
    Widgets now have configurable opacity setting.
    Widgets can now override the system theme.

  • Changed:
    Removed the option Show artist names in album song list, it’s always on now, too many providers do not properly report compilation status.
    Option Ignore remote stop command is now on by default, too many cars send a stop command.
    Refactor now playing codec info extraction to reduce network usage when possible. (Bitrate value may be missing or different but the risk of OS bug leading to full media reading over LTE was too high)
    Promoted equalizer, state saving and playback cache to stable. (If you have issues, report them as I’m not aware of any)
    Widget now offer per widget control for: Tint icon, app icon, hide icon, show track number. You can reconfigure the widgets to update them.
    Improved multiple word searches.

  • Fixed:
    Add more security in download manager to prevent downloads when not connected to Wifi.
    Fix possible state restoration issue when only 1 song in queue.
    Fix extended trial after update / reinstall.
    Fix possible unwanted network usage in wifi only mode. If you still have issues contact me with logs and details.
    Fix possible unwanted server access when playing cached media.
    Fix smart filter filename does not contain.
    Fix possible crash when enabling both album artist and all artist in search view.
    Fix proper equalizer profile not loaded at app start due to small race.
    Fix possible wrong track played when selected from now playing queue and casting to Chromecast.
    Fix possible double scrobble in rare occasions.
    Fix settings backup error if never offline cached any media.
    Fix large subsonic playlist sync (Push).
    Add workaround for Funkwhale that does not support album/artist favorites.
    Properly update connection type when editing hosts.



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