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I have a problem with "Next Up" that some new feature might fix.


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Previously I had watched the first two episodes of a TV series.  Tonight I fired emby up (roku), went to Next Up, and clicked on the show.  The episode seemed like the finale of a season and it was.  I went to the show and found that epsiodes 3 through 8 were missing and I had just watched 9.  I was PO'd to say the least.  This has happened before but only one episode was missing.  I didn't find out until much later that I had missed an episode. 

The only solution I can think of available to me now is to check every show before going to Next Up.  This is a giant PITA,   Some change to the UI is needed to fix this.  Maybe there should be a badge on the Next Up thumbnail showing that some shows are missing.  Maybe the show shouldn't appear in Next Up at all since the "next episode" isn't available.  In that sense this is a bug since it is lying to me.  

Surely that has happened to others.  Any ideas would be appreciated.


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