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From my thinking, it seems like this would be a very easy feature to add. Just a simple watch list icon. Maybe an outline of a pair of glasses that is gray when not selected and blue when selected. Or a star or something. Some lthing that would go next to the favorites logo and would work in a very similar fashion but would create a separate list. I used to try to use the playlist for this but my playlist would randomly delete and disappear. So if a watchlist feature could be added and a tab for the movies and TV shows you have added to your watchlist could be added next to the favorites tab, that would be awesome. Right now I use my favorites section as a combination of my favorites and my watchlist. But it would be really great to have that separate. Maybe one additional feature that the watchlist could have is that after a movie has been played, it automatically is removed from that section. Does anyone else have an interest in this feature?

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