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Unable to install 4.6.7 to DSM 7.0


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I not that sure any more if I uninstalled before upgrading to DSM7.

I have no third party packages installed (anymore, except of docker images) running on my Synology

For me, most of my clients a capable of doing the transcoding by them self. It is just a wish to merge functionality to get rid or at least to shut down my big servers. 

No, I am not able to access the BIOS setup of my Synology


I tried to install emby-server-synology7_4.7.5.0_x86_64.spk 

Didn't work as you can see within the screenshot. Something like "Wrong File Format. Please contact the developer of this package"


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I'm wondering if you hit some kind of snag as I have (about 6 times). I've not figured it out yet but something happens in DSM 7 due to a conflict (I think) of some kind that won't allow any version of Emby after 4.6.7 to run or sometime not allow it to install.

The only way I can then get it to install is doing a NAS reset which reinstalls DSM (doesn't touch your data). What's strange is that I can create a Synology DSM Virtual Machine and it installs and runs there. That pretty much says it's configuration issue of some kind.

I've had this happen using completely stock config with no NVMe, with NVMes, with stock memory and with additional memory so it would seem to not be related to that. I've been trying to reproduce it keeping track of exactly what's been installed. My Synology isn't a production machine per say in my environment so it ends up being more of a test setup and gets lots of things installed and removed to try and match customer setups when something is acting strange.

Yesterday I reset mine back to defaults using out of the box setup and then grabbed a backup of the NAS (skipping Volumes) to get the core setup. I've got plenty of space on one of my ZFS clusters so my intention is to backup with Emby 4.6.7 then install a couple programs I would normally have installed, followed by an Emby upgrade. If it' works I restore the backup that has 4.6.7 Emby version then re-install the same programs again and back that up which becomes the base version. Might take a while but with a systematic approach that I'm trying now, hopefully will figure out what the issue is or at least find in my case the software or change that seems to be the trigger.

Previously, I've been through all the logs on the machine probably 10 different ways previously which hasn't helped. It's quite puzzling actually which is annoying as I usually can figure out the source of an issue like this pretty quickly but no dice. :(  Not being able to use standard Linux tools doesn't help otherwise I'd attach a debugger during install or startup to trap where the issue is but not an option.

This could be a one-off issue caused by some 3rd party software that is unique to my machine but as soon as I get to the point I've got a base that works then a change or install that breaks things will know where to focus investigation.

One thing I've notice is that /dev/md0 seems to want to fill up faster on DSM 7 then it did on DSM 6 which is the boot/system volume. If it filles up typically you can't login, and of course nothing can be written to logs as the system is full so I'm keeping an eye on that. I've noticed /dev/md0 filling up during an install then dropping after the install. So it's possible it fills to the point of failing but then recovers so looking at it after the fact looks normal.  I'm keeping an eye on that and similar things.

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On 7/1/2022 at 5:58 AM, Luke said:

Can you please try installing 4.7.5 from our website and let us know if that helps? Thanks.

Still "Invaid file format. Please contact the package developer." with 4.7.5 on my 414j.

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