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Playback Issues with PS3


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Looking for suggestions, because honestly, I'm not even sure where to start with this one:


With the release of 3.0.5366.22005, the PS3 finally sees the content in the MB3 server (Thank you 7illusions. You rock!) However, some of my files will not play smoothly. The audio sounds fine, but the video is herky-jerky, stalling, speeding up, slowing down, just all over the place, but always in exactly the same places on every playback from both my test server and my production server. Normally I would start by zeroing in on the differences, such as containers and codecs, between the files that work and those that don't, but in this case I can't seem to find anything consistent. All of the files are MKVs. All of the standard definition content seems to have problems, but so does some of the HD content. At one point I was even narrowing my focus down to two movies, one worked and one didn't. Both MKVs, 1920x800 at 23.976 fps, AVC High Profile 4.1, DTS-HD MA, about a 5 min runtime difference with overall bitrates within 300 Kbps of each other.


The one consistent element: if I adjust the PS3 transcoding profile to anything but mp3, no file has sound but the video plays smooth on every file.

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