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Google keeps marking my Emby domain as a deceptive/phishing site.


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My current setup with specific details obscured.

Emby docker install running on Linux behind a nginx reverse proxy with ssl on my domain:
https://embysubdomain.mydomain.id.au/ (not my real link but go with me)

As mentioned this is a Nginx reverse proxy that uses a valid and up to date let's enecrypt SSL cert, loading Emby which is running in docker on the default port. 

Every few months or so Google will flag my Emby subdomain as being dangerous in Chrome (and any other browser that uses the same database). My other subdomains on the same domain are unaffected (eg https://sonarr.mydomain.id.au/). In the Google search console it claims it's a phishing site for logins or has been reported as downloading malicious files. I can click "issues resolved" and a few hours later it clears and the domain is "safe" again. But whats actually causing this? My best guess is Emby's landing page is a login page and Google is freaking out about it. 

In Emby's logs there's no mass incorrect logins. Just successful ones from me and my users (with the very rare incorrect password sometimes). And I don't have malcious files, just the usual movies etc. 

Has anyone run into this before? Any tips on how to prevent Google from hassling me? Some sort of robots.txt or hide the login page behind a differnt landing page?

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I checked out pi8radio's cloudflare settings (something ive messed with before and gave up on when I ran into problems with chromecast). 

Giving those a try and so far my browsing speed has increased. But the Google issue only happens once every several months so I guess we'll see if its a two stones one bird situation or not. 

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