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How to enable HTTP/3 in Emby Theater (Desktop)


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 How to enable HTTP/3 in Emby Theater (Windows Desktop) in Windows 11/ Server 2022

This Quick tutorial for setting Emby Theater to use HTTP/3 (h3) protocol for testing purposes only.

If you have read TheITJedi tutorial of setting Reverse Proxy  you already know enough. You need use IIS Reverse proxy to enable to use this tutorial.

First you must have Windows that supports HTTP/3 protocol. You can use Windows 11 Enterprise or Windows  Server 2022. Enabling HTTP/3 support for IIS read this Tutorial.

When you have verified that HTTP/3 is working then we need to:

  1. Install latest Emby Theater Desktop Version.
  2. Download latest Electron v16.0.2 (supports HTTP/3 protocol). Extract contents into path / replace content:
    Emby Theater\system\x64\electron
  3. Navigate folder and open:
    Emby Theater\system\electronapp\main.js
  4. Edit lines 956 and 957:
    allowDisplayingInsecureContent: true, -> allowDisplayingInsecureContent: false,
    allowRunningInsecureContent: true, ->  allowRunningInsecureContent: false

    By doing this you might loose server discovery.
    Example local Adress:

  5. Start Emby Theater and "Add Server" but use manual https://{Address} and Port instead.

You can verify that Protocol is h3, enabling enableDevTools:

var enableDevTools = false; -> var enableDevTools = true;
var enableDevToolsOnStartup = false; -> var enableDevToolsOnStartup = true;

Image loading Speed is far better with h3 protocol.

Ps: I have extra External domain for LAN use from deSEC. My AAAA record points into IPv6 Link-Local Address (FE80::C001:1DFF:FEE0:0). Access speed to Emby Server is Super fast..

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