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[BUG] Emby Theater bypass le serveur Emby pour lire les vidéos.


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Je viens de constater un bug avec Emby Theater. Pour bien comprendre de quoi il s'agit, voici la configuration que j'ai mis en place :

- Un serveur héberge uniquement Emby Server. Il fonctionne sous Windows 2016 serveur avec un reverse proxy sous IIS.
- Les films sont stockés sur un autre serveur.  Seul mon serveur Emby a le droit d'accéder à ce serveur.
- Tous les films sont lus en streaming (fichiers avec une extension en strm).

Si je lis mes films depuis ma smart TV, ma tablette IOS, mon smartphone sous Android, ou n'importe navigateur web (Edge, Chrome, etc.) tout se passe bien.
Emby Theater accède sans problèmes à mon serveur Emby. Par contre, si je veux lire mes films à partir d'Emby Theater, le film ne se lance pas. Il faut que je transforme le serveur qui héberge mes films, en serveur de réseau de diffusion de contenu (CDN) pour que cela fonctionne (ce que je ne souhaite pas faire).

Cela prouve que mon client, qui utilise Emby Theater, cherche à accéder directement au serveur d'hébergement des films. (Ce qu'il ne peut pas faire puisqu'il n'a pas les droits)

Le problème est identique, quelque soit le type de connexion externe que j'utilise (Non sécurisée, sécurisée, reverse proxy).

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Hi, I'm a bit confused why you have this setup in the first place?

Why are you using strm files instead of just mounting the folder location to the Windows Server box and treating it like local storage?
You will get a far better experience doing that as Emby Server will be able to probe the media and know up front the details of the media.

STRM files really are meant to be used for Internet based media where it's not realistic to probe the media before use.

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Hello, Cayars, Luke.

18 hours ago, cayars said:

Why are you using strm files instead of just mounting the folder location to the Windows Server box and treating it like local storage?

I am okay. However, keeping the files on the server takes up a lot of space. Also, I want to be able to use Emby even when I'm on vacation, and I don't want to leave my gear on at home, for that. Storing files in the cloud is therefore a good solution.
The second reason is that streaming takes little resources. I only allow the transcoding of the sound in fact. This allows me to connect several profiles with different rights, without needing to own an ultra powerful vps which costs a fortune for me. On the other hand, it is necessary to be able to manage a large cache for re-encoding on the fly.



Hi, yes I expect in the near future this will be changing to how you want it. Thanks.

The problem is a little different than the one I reported. In fact, it is Emby Theater which does not play videos if a web browser is playing a video, and vice versa. Maybe it's due to the reverse proxy?
I need to do other tests to better understand the problem

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Oh, sorry I thought you were referring to having the files on another local windows server not in the cloud. Strm files are good for that.

Curious, how do you plan on using Emby on vacation if you turn off the server at home?
Will you have a portable Emby server with you that also has the strm files on it? (aka portable Emby server)

How much resources is used (cloud or local) all depends on the format of your media files and if they need transcoding or not.  One thing for sure, if you use a cloud setup you are using inbound internet resources as all files need to be pulled down from the cloud in order to play them.

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I installed Emby on a Virtual Private Server.
Since it only streams, I don't need a powerful processor and a lot of memory.
So it doesn't cost much.
In addition, I also use it for other tasks.
The advantage is that a VPS is always available

I am also testing Emby server on a virtual machine (Virtual BOX).
It works very well too, and the downside is that it is easily transportable and it avoids paying for a VPS if you don't need it.

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