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New feature for Music : selecting the number of songs displayed

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Hi there.
I'm using Emby for classical music. After few weeks, some features could be appreciated.
I'll post in different topics to make it more readable.

First : It looks like there's a limit in 30 songs displayed by album.
Would it be possible to allow users to modify this or including multi-pages navigation for lists with 40 or more songs ?



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Hi.  There should be no such limit.  Can you please go over an example of where you are seeing this?


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My bad, you're right...
Few days ago, while modifying metadata on some albums, I wasn't able to scroll further than 30. And I searched the forum without success. I understand why now 😉

Today it's ok. I probably made a mistake and I didn't check it out this morning.

Sorry for this unnecessary solicitation.


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