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No community ratings in server metadata, none synced in Kodi either


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I'd be grateful if someone could help point out where I am going wrong in getting community ratings into Emby server metadata for my music. 


Context - past setup

The context is I used to have what I assume were "community ratings" somewhere within my old Emby server --> Kodi viewing setup over a year ago (prior to the re-write of Emby server, and prior to my using MusicBrainz Picard to organise/clean-up most of my music library metadata). I liked having song ratings, as I could then use the "Top 100" feature of Kodi to find the best stuff easily. I didn't use Emby and Kodi for about a year, and have come back to it after cleaning up and organising my music library. I don't manually set ratings myself.


What I have tried recently - but Emby Server not scraping ratings from the net

In recent weeks I've installed the latest Emby server to my Mac, re-uploaded my cleaned music libraries to Emby, and set up Kodi using Emby-next-gen (I prefer native paths).

The problem - I can see from emby server metadata that Emby server isn't scraping any community ratings (see screenshots for an example). Please note I have got both MusicBrainz and AudioDB plugins installed in Emby server.

When setting up Kodi I agreed to the "enable user rating sync" option, though I imagine it makes no difference given my Emby DB seems to have no/few ratings (see screenshots). 

When I do an emby-next-gen sync of my libraries in Kodi, I get no ratings, though via setting up a smart playlist with "my ratings" I was able to infer that Kodi is apparently obtaining a few old manually entered ratings I once put in to my files via iTunes years ago (that's not much use to me, as I'm not in the habit of manually doing ratings of my own much at all - also I didn't push all of my music through Picard when I cleaned it up, so I can't assume all albums have MBPicard's ratings). What I'd really like is for Emby (or Kodi) to scrape musicbrainz/AudioDb/whomever's online ratings. 

I have checked the forums for answers, but the best lead I found hinted that community ratings might have become available by now, but I am not 100% sure (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/30571-problem-with-album-community-ratings/ )


Plan B also fails - adding source in Kodi and using Generic or Universal scraper in Kodi to try to get ratings

So given I couldn't get ratings in Emby server for some reason, I then added the music folder as a source in Kodi (files, add path of network drive, scan to Kodi DB and scrape) and tried to get Kodi to scrape them from MBz or wherever, but Kodi seems not to have been able to either (no files in the Kodi top100s beyond the few I've manually rated years ago, and a smart playlist with rating or my rating > 3 fails to yield results)



  • am I right in assuming that given Emby's metadata has a slot for "community rating" that Emby server should be trying to scrape song/album ratings from the net...
  • ...if so, could the two scraping plugins I am using in Emby server (MB and audioDB) be clashing?  Could there be another issue?
  • ...if not, I realise I need to chase things up with the Kodi community

I'm attaching screenshots of the metadata for an album (with blank community rating). I'd be happy to PM an IP redacted version of my log file if it is helpful. 

with thanks and warm wishes.


Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 2.23.42 pm.png

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 2.23.55 pm.png

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Update: I got plan B (Kodi rating scraping) working

I still don't have album/song ratings in Emby server, but I have now managed to scrape online album ratings within Kodi.  The Kodi scraping using the "Generic" scraper doesn't get song ratings, but I'm content with the album ratings that I'm now getting, and as a result I'm not so worried anymore if I cannot scrape ratings on the Emby server, though I'm still curious about a solution for Emby server rating scraping if anyone has one. 

What I did within Kodi to get ratings:

  • I discovered the "fetch additional information during updates" setting within Kodi's settings - it would seem all of my Kodi scraping prior to turning that on was futile (that should have been obvious to me, but I missed this option, and prior to turning it on the info line up the top of the screen showed the scrapers as running)
  • I checked Kodi had downloaded ratings using a smart playlist as before, but I changed the playlist to look for ALBUM ratings, not SONG ratings....the former worked - it would seem Kodi only pulls in ALBUM ratings. 

So I'll have Kodi now scrape the ratings in for all my libraries. I am a little concerned that this will be making a Kodi copy of my music library, which I presume is a duplicate of the Emby library I've already synced, but I can live with it if the system works ok.

So if anyone has a solution for Emby server to do this instead, ideally for songs and not just album ratings, then I'd love to hear it, but I'm fairly happy how I am now.

Thanks for reading. 

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Hi, where  would you like  to get album ratings from? MusicBrainz doesn't have ratings. Audiodb does, but I don't think they actually have enough usage to be valuable.

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Thanks for the follow up question @Luke

When you say MusicBrainz doesn't have ratings, I recall from a previous post of yours that you mean the API you use doesn't include ratings, so thanks for the reminder, I shouldn't have been assuming Emby's MusicBrainz plugin would pull them in.

I see what you mean by AudioDb having limited usage...  given that, I see we're now wandering outside the scope of your current plugins, so I realise this is harder or maybe not possible, but my short answer would be Discogs if at all possible, AllMusic as a plan B. 



I can see from the respective websites there are way more reviews contributed on discogs...

(taking one popular and one more obscure album as a very limited sample...)

Site Fleetwood Mac (Tusk) Flo Morrissey (Gentlewoman...)
MusicBz 3 0
AudioDB 1 0
Discogs 4185 46
AllMusic 1881 111

Table: number of reviews on site


Anyway, I'm happy with Kodi getting the ratings at present (using Discogs in their scraper), so no big deal, but I hope this report might be helpful for you someday.


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