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Found 3 results

  1. buddyweiser

    Raspberry Pi 3B+ as Server

    What I want: I am looking for a very small form factor solution to serve up media to 1 possibly 2 devices(direct stream, NOT transcode), and also act as a router. This will be for travel. I also want to keep cost down as much as possible (less than 100 is good, under 60 is better) Why these specifics: For vacation, most times the rental does not have wi-fi, and more often than not, only has a TV with a blu-ray player. I have a fire stick I bring for travel, and use my laptop to act as a temp-travel server(my home upload speed is terrible, and also I want a solution that does not require internet connection just in case there is no cell coverage or wi-fi). I also store my "travel media" on a 2 tb external hdd. I am looking for a solution with considerably smaller footprint, that I can plug in when we get here, and its ready whenever I want to use it. I thought of the raspberry pi because I have seen people building wi-fi routers with them. I thought, wouldn't it be great if I could build a small enclosure for a headless raspberry pi, make it a wifi router, and also have Emby Server run on it when it boots up? I could even have a small 3" lcd on the outside of the enclosure to display bits of information like connected devices, status of internet connection if any, and even status of Emby Server. But this entire idea would depend on how well emby server runs on Raspberry pi. Does anyone have any experience here? Any feedback would be welcome!
  2. Hello, I just returned from a 2 month business trip and all my syncing was done on my smaller tablet. I was curious if sync for Android TV could be implemented since these newer TV devices are pretty easy to take along and connect in rooms while traveling. My use case: I have a Shield TV and it supports SD cards and external drive attachments. During my stay the hotel wifi was great for syncing (daytime and late night) but was too slow for real time streaming. As a "road warrior" these devices can be setup and left to sync while working or sleeping but also easily connected to TV's in hotels or friends houses etc. Syncing was a great way to keep up with shows and series that my wife and I watch and discuss but it would of been great to do this with the TV and not a smaller tablet screen. I know its not a common request but for those of us that travel and stay for work, these devices, coupled with sync would be a great companion. Thanks for any feedback!
  3. Hi Emby crowd! I have an emby server visible on the internet via SSL/HTTPS only. My server has DDNS so is accessed via URL rather than IP address. I'll be off on a family holiday soon and we're looking to be able to watch our Emby movies on the TV in our destination. The problem is that I have found that Emby app support for HTTPS seems to be quite patchy... - iOS works perfectly with HTTPS. I can watch movies from other networks, from 3G/LTE etc no probs... but of course is is not a big screen family experience. - Samsung TV app works well - family members are able to stream from my Emby server... but I wont be sideloading TV apps on someone elses TV - Amazon fire stick - not working with HTTPS. It fails when trying to select an HTTPS address - Emby sideloaded to Now TV box (aka a roku 3) - does not work with HTTPs - Chromecast - TBC need to test it today One other option is to use the (very pricey) Apple lightning HDMI adapter to watch from iOS app on the TV. Does anyone know if the Apple lightning HDMI adapter works with Emby app? Does anyone have any good (well proven) ideas on how to stream Emby via SSL? Which apps/devices will work? What do you guys do? Note that I have direct access to the wifi network at my travel destination. Its not a hotel wifi with captive portal thank god. (The amazon fire stick is potentially the holy grail of Emby travel since it supports hotel wifi... but sadly not SSL connections) Big thanks in advance for you inputs!!
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