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Found 2 results

  1. I'll be honest - I really don't expect an solution this this other than how I select the sources, or doing away with the symbolic links, however I thought I would see if I got lucky and someone else has found a solution to this that seems to be evading my brain. Currently I point to the root folder of "Movies" and Emby finds everything OK with no issues outside of duplicating any movies that are symbolically linked to other directories underneath the Movies root directory. The symbolic links are to link related genres together without having duplicate "real" files taking up disk space. The issue. For example I have a christmas classics symbolic link that points from within the classics folder to another folder in the christmas sub-directory that contains all my classic christmas movies. This causes all the movies in that symlink to show up twice in the Movie Library. I have both a linux version of Emby Server and a windows version of Emby Server. They both behave the same as I would expect them to. I have a linux server where all my media is stored. The Movies directories are set up like so: ├── movies │ ├── action │ ├── adventure │ ├── childrens │ ├── christmas │ ├── classics │ ├── comedy │ ├── crime-drama │ ├── disney │ ├── documentaries │ ├── drama │ ├── family etc... I have a classics folder underneath the Movies folder with a symbolic link named christmas pointing to another subdirectory of Movies (christmas/christmas_classics-Pre_1970): ├── classics │ ├── adventure │ ├── christmas -> ../christmas/christmas_classics-Pre_1970 │ ├── comedy │ ├── crime_drama │ ├── drama │ ├── film_noir │ ├── musicals │ ├── mystery │ ├── science_fiction etc.. and a Christmas folder underneath the Movies folder: ├── christmas │ ├── A_Christmas_Carol_Collection │ ├── A_Christmas_Story_Series │ ├── Arthur_Christmas_Series │ ├── Christmas_Vacation_Series │ ├── Home_Alone_Series_-_Original │ ├── The_Santa_Clause_Series │ ├── christmas-post_1999 │ ├── christmas_classics-1970-1980 │ ├── christmas_classics-1981-2000 │ ├── christmas_classics-Pre_1970 etc... They show up in the library as follows: \\xxx.xxx.xx.xx\movies\classics\christmas\1945.The_Bells_of_St_Marys\The_Bells_of_St._Mary's.avi \\xxx.xxx.xx.xx\movies\christmas\christmas_classics-Pre_1970\1945.The_Bells_of_St_Marys\The_Bells_of_St._Mary's.avi Would there be a way to add an exclusion rule to avoid one of those two directories? I know I can fix this by selecting each of the Movie sub categories under Movies and just not selecting any symbolic linked folders to avoid the duplicates. I can also fix this by losing out on the convenience of the link and storing the christmas classics under classics and not linking them back to christmas. - That is the easier solution of what I've thought about, but I really like to convenience. Just trying to figure out if there might be another way to prevent the duplicate library entries so I can keep the sources list from getting so big and save myself all the entry keystrokes. Thanks
  2. Spotta

    Symlinks not followed

    Hi I have started experimenting with Filebot to auto create symlinks on my media in the correct format for Emby while leaving the original files where they are, I am just manually running the script on some test files at the moment while I fine tune it, The symlinks get created, Emby is populating the extra data, but the files are not playable on Theater, web client or iOS app. I'm on Win2016 and would prefer to use Hardlinks but they are not supported on Drivepool. I thought symlinks were supported by Emby, am I missing something here?
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