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Found 8 results

  1. Cheesegeezer

    Subdued Theme: Questions Issues Thread

    Please post any questions issues you have regarding Subdued here please.
  2. Cheesegeezer

    Subdued - MBClassic Theme

    In my quest to continue the original authors great theme I have released Subdued officially and you can download this from the plugin catalogue in MBC configurator. As it stands, this will remain free, although I will probably make it a supporter plugin to help with MediaBrowser's project development. Here's what I've been upto ChangeLog - Release Change Specials to Movie Extras You can choice to have Rotton Tomoto Scores and icons from the Star Rating choice Fixed bug where the Final details page can get very long and disappear off the screen ChangeLog - Release Added Special Features to Final Detail PageChangeLog - Release Added Chapters to Final Detail Page ChangeLog - Release Bug Fix: On Poster & CoverFlow View, if no logo/clear/thumb art is available, Title Text now shows instead of being blank. ChangeLog - Release This version adds an Ask to Quit feature for users. This can be turned on or off in the Subdued General menu within MBC. ChangeLog - Release Added Scrolling Text for ChaptersChangeLog - Release User Switching implemented ChangeLog - Release Added Chapters to final Details Page Fixed Cast button not default focusing to first Actor in the list. ChangeLog - Release Remove subtitle reference(user annoyance) Resized logos on Details page and EHS to be more reasonable and not take up too much real estate. ChangeLog - Release MBC version 3.0.62 Required for new option Changed Disc image location Fix Details not showing Changelog - Dev Fixed Bug on MovieDetailView where selecting Cast or Details throws an error. Changelog - Dev (requires MBC for this option) Recently Watched Text changes to Resumable Media if the "treat Watched as in Progress" option is checked MBC configurator. Change-log Added Weather to the HomeScreen. Please use YahooWeather ID e.g. UKXX0001 on Server instead of City,Country Added DiscArt to Detailed Movie View Added LogoArt, ClearArt, ThumbArt in all views now except RootLayout. Added Spinner menu to View Options for Logo, ClearArt, Thumbs or Off Restored custom Poster Custom overlay images - These are to go into %ProgramData%\MediaBrowser-Classic\Plugins\Subdued\CustomOverlays (Create your own Folder - no spaces) Restored custom MediaInfo icons<br> Although, you need to select a Custom IBN folder with the Server. Still Working on this Things still not working properly Coverwall Backdrops on large collections slow the Theme down alot Focus returning to last item Here's a couple of pics to warm your heart
  3. Cheesegeezer

    Subdued & Xenon Updates

    Just about to push an essential update for each of these themes. ThemeVideo Backdrops has now been pushed to the core of MBC and the plugin will be phased out shortly. The move from the plugin to the core broke this playback in the my Themes however, this update will fix this. Subdued Xenon Please Install to reinstate this feature. It can now be configured with the View Options with MBC Config. Thanks
  4. With Subdued MBC version, the new setting "Ask To Quit MB" cannot be disabled. I can uncheck the box, but if I then leave the menu and go back, the box is checked again. Somehow the unchecked setting is never saved properly.
  5. Subdued MBC could use a menu choice to get to search, perhaps in the Options menu next to "Sort By" and "Group By". Only being able to access it by the yellow button or CTRL-S is too obscure for many users of my HTPC (myself included!)
  6. jwill

    Subdued MBC : Search?

    I'm not finding a feature in the Subdued MBC theme that is available in the Default MBC theme. I'm wondering if I am missing something, or if the feature is missing from Subdued. The feature I am looking for is "Search". In the view that lists all the titles, with Default I can choose Search and search all the titles for any string that I then enter. Is a Search function hidden somewhere in the Subdued theme?
  7. I am using the Subdued theme. I would like to be able to not show the names of the genres in the movie genre view. As you can see in the screenshot I have the localized names on the icons. In the example the box to the right shows "3D Movies" which is the actual genre from the metadata but I would prefer that line to be blank or not shown at all. Can that be done?
  8. Please post any questions you have regarding Subdued in here please Many thanks Cheesegeezer
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