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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I opened an issue on GitHub but maybe I should have posted in the forum first. I'm using the latest version of Emby Server (3.0.5782.0) on CentOS 7.1503, but my problem is probably platform agnostic. Short description When Emby scans FLAC files for metadata and finds several **ARTISTS** tags in a single file, it concatenates the values of the **ARTISTS** tags into the **Artist** field of the track metadata with a semicolon delimiter. However, Emby treats the final string as a single artist, ignoring the semicolon delimiter. The same string would generate several artist records if edited manually. Long description I have a FLAC-only audio library configured in Emby Server. The files are tagged using MusicBrainz Picard. Recently, support was added for the ARTISTS tags (note the plural) in FLAC files. As a consequence, when a FLAC file contains several of those tags, the scanner concatenates all the values in the Artist field of the track metadata, and adds semicolons as delimiters. For instance, one of my files have the following metadata: $ metaflac --export-tags-to=- File.flac BARCODE=0035627460227 PRODUCER=Dave Stewart TITLE=There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart) (feat. Stevie Wonder) RELEASECOUNTRY=XE TOTALDISCS=1 LABEL=BMG LABEL=RCA TOTALTRACKS=9 MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMARTISTID=b4d32cff-f19e-455f-86c4-f347d824ca61 DATE=1990 DISCNUMBER=1 TRACKTOTAL=9 ENGINEER=Jay Willis ENGINEER=Adam Williams ENGINEER=Don Smith ALBUMARTISTSORT=Eurythmics ORIGINALDATE=1985 LANGUAGE=eng SCRIPT=Latn WORK=There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart) MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID=b79941ef-9d54-4aca-8c79-4eeb164f05d3 RELEASESTATUS=official ALBUMARTIST=Eurythmics CATALOGNUMBER=ND 74602 MUSICBRAINZ_RELEASETRACKID=e0821bfb-e6b9-3825-9db6-ac7916eafdad ALBUM=Be Yourself Tonight MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID=b4d32cff-f19e-455f-86c4-f347d824ca61 MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID=1ee18fb3-18a6-4c7f-8ba0-bc41cdd0462e MEDIA=CD RELEASETYPE=album MIXER=Dave Stewart MIXER=Adam Williams ORIGINALYEAR=1985 PERFORMER=Dean Garcia (bass guitar) PERFORMER=Michael Kamen (strings) PERFORMER=Olle Romo (drums) PERFORMER=Angel Cross (background vocals) PERFORMER=Dave Stewart (keyboard) PERFORMER=Annie Lennox (keyboard) PERFORMER=Annie Lennox (lead vocals) PERFORMER=Stevie Wonder (guest harmonica) ARTIST=Eurythmics MUSICBRAINZ_RELEASEGROUPID=c40266f2-4f32-3dde-a639-6672ed7a4e6c DISCTOTAL=1 WRITER=Dave Stewart WRITER=Annie Lennox MUSICBRAINZ_WORKID=792f5861-8d6d-3c8a-93a9-e17b06150295 MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID=d2328fb6-b5e0-40e3-bd4b-605a481fb451 ARTISTSORT=Eurythmics feat. Wonder, Stevie ARTISTS=Eurythmics ARTISTS=Stevie Wonder TRACKNUMBER=2 This file has two ARTISTS tags: $ metaflac --export-tags-to=- File.flac | grep ARTISTS= ARTISTS=Eurythmics ARTISTS=Stevie Wonder In Emby Server, those tags are converted to a single Artist value with both artists and a semicolon delimiter. Everything is fine so far, as this seems to be an expected behavior: However, if I make a search, the whole string is considered as a single artist instead of two (the single "Eurythmics" artist comes from the Album artist field): If I click the item, I can see the actual song: However, if I manually edit the track's metadata with the same values (removing the semicolon in the Artist field, saving, restoring the semicolon, saving again), Emby behaves as expected and generates two distinct artists. The track now appears under the main Eurythmics artist (note that Emby now automatically replaces the semicolon by a comma to show that the track has several artists): This is a very annoying issue as it cripples the whole music library. Does anyone else see the same thing ? Thanks! Marin.
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