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  2. gregkodi

    Emby 4.6.4 to 4.6.7 upgrade

    Hello all, i wanted to ask what are the steps for the upgrade. Basically i followed the instruction from the forum given to me last time, and i acquired the new version manually, and installed the package manually inside the synology( fresh , i removed the old one). Now i wanted to upgrade to the latest version, so i download the package: emby-server-synology7_4.6.7.0_x86_64.spk for my synology dsm 7 1621+ . And the precedure is to stop the emby app. And then just install the new package ? will this upgrade it or remove the old one and install new one and i will lose the configurations etc ? The emby screen states: Version A new version of Emby Server is available! Version is now available for download. Please shutdown Emby Server and install the latest version. Thank you
  3. Hello Luke, I have the same problem with the last version (1.1.1). Version of my samsung TV : UE55KU6070U I tried your version, my results : Up : ArrowUp - 38 Left : ArrowLeft - 37 Right :ArrowRight - 39 Down :ArrowDown - 40 Back : Backspace - 10009 Thanks for your help and the development of the app !
  4. JulesC

    DSM 6 to DSM 7 Emby Migration Instructions

    @cayars Hi Carlo, everything has been working fine. Via Windows SMB, I mapped a drive to my NAS. When I checked the Security tab, I saw a user I know I didn't create (Unix 1027). So I deleted it and now Emby is not working (error: too many errors when I try to play a movie). I recall when you were helping me that you mentioned an account like this. How can I resolve this? THANK YOU!!!
  5. You may want to check out our emby theater app for windows which can direct play most formats without transcoding: https://emby.media/emby-theater.html
  6. Luke

    Conversion not working anymore

    Server log from that?
  7. Please let us know if this helps. Thanks.
  8. FWIW I can't observe same behavior on stable/2.0.64 beta.
  9. but in fact i just made some lots of cross testing and the issue is also here with server stable and androidtv stable And i agree with you its very annoying
  10. Reported in the beta section awhile back. Very annoying.
  11. ok as the behavior is standard i marked the post as solved thanks
  12. Luke

    Failed to load embedded ass subtitles

    Hi there, can we please look at an example? Thanks!
  13. Can you give an example of what you mean? Thanks.
  14. Luke

    Disable Collections

    Thanks for the feedback.
  15. I also noticed everything getting queued up and that is resolved for the next release. Thanks.
  16. When we retrieve a list of items, we don't retrieve all the bulky information like the summary but, when you have that view enabled, the summary is displayed above the item, so we re-retrieve in order to get that. Only happens the first time an item is focused. Whether you actually notice it is a factor of just how long it takes to do the retrieval probably.
  17. Luke

    Music Libary after Emby Update

    Thanks for the feedback.
  18. Luke

    Photos Organized by Tags

    Hi, there will be a tags tab in the library that you could click on.
  19. Luke

    Title language

    Hi, not yet, sorry.
  20. on each start of the app on the client ? i didn't notice that before and tought it was related to my recent shield update. it's suppose to do that on each start and on each item ? because i have some categories where i'm sure it never does it
  21. Luke

    Emby no longer recording LiveTV

    Thanks for the feedback.
  22. dseguin

    HTTPS Remote access to Emby using Chromecast

    Oh oh... I did not ! Does Emby require this ? I suppose so ! I'll try this out and let you know how it goes !
  23. Vesemir7

    DS418play Transcoding performances?

    It depends on the type of source content and how it's packaged/encoded, I guess. Often times these days, I'm seeing the reason being about the media bitrate. But I don't see why should I be focusing about WHY it's transcoding rather than HOW / HOW GOOD. My intent is to have my NAS + Emby serving as my "private Netflix". The embedded Synology media server solution I wasn't happy with and neither I was with Plex. Emby seemed to me a solid option which could also serve for the downloading/offline watching feature, which I use a lot but I'm struggling to have it performing decently.
  24. GrimReaper

    How To

    If you can't connect on LAN, that usually indicates some firewall rule, have you checked those? Also, can you connect on web browser?
  25. B1G70HN

    How To

    I looked at that link you sent and still no joy just can't seem to get on to it for some reason thank you though
  26. GrimReaper

    How To

    No worries.
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