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Emby For iOS 2.1.3. Released, Featuring: Timeline Seeking & Thumbnails




Emby For iOS 2.1.3. Has Been Released, Featuring New Timeline Seeking and Thumbnails Graphics!

Visual Timeline Seeking including Thumbnail Graphics
Included in our new 2.1.3. release is support for visual seeking. You can Rewind, Fast Forward or Jump to any position in the timeline
quickly and easily. Best of all our thumbnails graphics help you pin-point the scene you want to re-watch or queue up.



The above pictures shows how easy it is to find a scene you want to watch. You even get the chapter name embedded in the thumbnail picture.

Speaking of which, Chapters make use of our thumbnail graphics as well with  their own set of information and use of graphics.


The above screenshot shows the use of Thumbnail graphics in our Chapter selector available from the easy to use OSD menu. This screen
demonstrates how easy it is to view the Name, Starting Time as well as Thumbnail showing the action taking place at the start of the Chapter.

Improvement to Audio On Screen Display (OSD)
You can now toggle the play queue on and off, allowing you to choose between seeing the list, or just the artwork.
This change makes room for additional space needed for a new user requested feature that is quite popular.



New Use of Graphics Elements

This release of Emby for iOS uses additional graphical elements in subtle ways that sure to please.  It still has the classy interface you've
come to love but uses additional graphics in a modest manner giving it an elegant and refined look.


The screenshots above demonstrates this with a couple simple changes from a text based titles to the graphical logos.  Pretty sweet!
Of course that's not all.

Release 2.1.3. has additional new features including:

  • Fixed intermittent app crashes on device rotation during video playback
  • Addition of a Resume Rewind Playback Option  (Server version 4.7+ required)
  • Additional Info in the OSD including Chapter, On Now and a Guide for Live TV
  • Newly added Support for A-Z Picker with Descending Order
  • New Support for A-Z Picker when Sorting by Album or Album Artist
  • New Subtitle Background Color and Opacity Options to make Subtitles Easier to View
  • Improved Audio Book Detail Screen
  • Updates to the Top Tab Design to be More Discoverable and Easier to Use
  • Improved Performance of Playlist Detail Screen
  • Various Subtitle Improvements


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DTS playback broken and still no gapless audio playback ☹️

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Posted (edited)

Gapless playback is so essential, without it emby can not work as a music player for me. 

Edited by stefan1983
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